Christian & Matt Hardy Will NOT Get Pushed Soon Enough

Andrew AbbensettContributor IIJune 30, 2010

Ok everyone hear me out. I want these two to get pushed as much as the next guy but as much as I realize, the more I get sucked into reality’s agony. Christian and Matt Hardy getting pushed at this point in their careers seems like a catch 22.

For those who don’t know what a catch 22 is here’s a summary of its definition: It’s a desire or situation that would be impossible to achieve due to the extenuating circumstances. E.g. I want to grow a tail but biology states that humans can never grow their tail ever again. As much as I would want to grow a tail, I can’t unfortunately.

It’s the same concept with Matt Hardy and Christian. As much as we want them to be pushed for a world championship, the past hinders them greatly. Back in 2005, Christian allowed his contract to expire and if would’ve signed a new contract instead of going to TNA, he most likely would’ve had a world championship reign more than once.

Matt Hardy on the other hand let his emotions take him over while released from his contract and in ROH. If Matt didn’t do a shoot shout out on live television to Johnny Ace, he would’ve came back stronger than before. It’s pretty much WWE’s way of payback.

Again don’t get me wrong at all. I’m also all for giving Matt Hardy and Christian pushes and if I was on the creative staff on Smackdown, I would put the two of them in a feud. Unfortunately if they were pushed, it should’ve been a year ago for Christian and like three years ago for Matt. Now, they’re both in their mid 30’s and they’ve been working for a long time.

I also think that Matt is much better than Jeff, and Christian is slightly better than Edge and they both have the ability to be more over than their brothers (best friend in Christian’s case). But for some reason Edge was able to be push despite the fact that he had an affair with Lita and got hated by everyone in the locker room. Jeff Hardy got pushed a lot because he was over with the kids (even if he is a drug addict). As much as I love the Hardy Boyz and Team E&C, I feel the better halves got the worst treatment.

It’s really agitating because I watch Matt Hardy’s videos on Youtube on a regular basis and I see that he’s really over with the younger crowd and I wonder to myself “Why doesn’t Matt get the treatment he deserves?” When I got older and understood the whole Edge and Lita fiasco, I ended up having a lot of animosity towards Edge to this day and I feel that Christian is more of a man than Edge will ever be. But as I much as I feel the better halves are being mistreated, it’s not my choice as it is WWE’s choice.

The WWE has the power to choose who they want to push or not and even though they wouldn’t know pure potential if it bit them in the aft end, it usually works out for them in the long run. While it may seems like a catch 22 for Matt and Christian, it’s nowhere near an actual catch 22. 

Sure, Matt is not in his best state since coming off abdominal surgery last year, having to lose weight, and working out to be in better shape; but he is getting back to original form. Christian is still rocking but his prime was used in TNA unfortunately but nonetheless, he’s still really good. Both wrestlers are really good and a push can really revitalize their careers.

Knowing WWE, the pushes won’t come soon enough for our inclination, but WWE isn’t that stupid. They can really make superstars out of these two wrestlers if they play their cards right and book very well. Plus with the injury of CM Punk, someone could replace him as top heel on Smackdown and since both can play heel very well, one of them could be next (even if it’s highly unlikely). Their careers are at crossroads; but it’s WWE’s choice if they want to make their crossroads a pleasurable one.

Enough of what I think, what do you think? Who should be pushed more and do you want to see Matt, Christian, both of them, or someone else be pushed in the near future? Rank, like, comment, all that good stuff.