Sunday Summary: St. Louis Cardinals Hit New Low, But Don't Suffer Much

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008

First, let me explain why I am writing the Sunday Summary really early on Sunday morning. The first reason is that I have work all day, so I won't be around to write this bad boy until tomorrow night. The second reason is that I predict a bad day for the Redbirds against Johan Santana, so this way I don't have to write about it.

Lol. Now that we have that down, let's start, shall we?

Wow. What a terrible week for Cardinals fans. However, seven days after sweeping the Padres, the Cards go into Sunday's finale with the Mets in the same position they were a week ago. Three games back of first place.

I feel bad for Tony La Russa. I really do. The bullpen collapses are not his fault at all, other then the fact that his micro-managing tends to take a toll on his relievers. His expression when Ryan Franklin blew another one last night was depressing.

Speaking of the bull(sh*t)pen, let's do something crazy with the closer spot. How about Brad Thompson. Kelvin Jimenez? Mark Worrell even? Ryan Franklin and Jason Isringhausen are as bad as bad can be. So let's look to the future and give a guy with some longevity with the team a shot.

Finally some good news about the starting rotation. Chris Carpenter is starting Wednesday, and Adam Wainwright isn't far behind. That will be an incredible relief to the pitching staff.

That being said, I don't want to see Wainwright or Carpenter in the bullpen. I know Wainwright was dynamite there a couple years ago, but I'd rather see Looper, Wellemeyer, or Piñero in the late innings. They all have experience, and Carpenter and Wainwright are both going to start for the Birds in the future, so the sooner they return to the rotation, the better.

Skip has caught a roll, and Albert appears to have gotten out of his slump. They were a combined 11-for-15 against the Mets in the comeback win on Saturday. That's good news for a lineup that has returned to it's typical, gimpy performance.

Consider the Matt Clement experiment failed. His ERA is up to 4.15 at Triple-A, and his velocity is not what it used to be. Oh well. At least he was cheap.

Looking to the future, Colby Rasmus will be out a month after being injured this week. That means he'll miss the Olympics, and might not be called up in September. Now that's just no fun.

Looking to the more immediate future, a four game series in Atlanta might be a good way to rebound from this crappy week. I personally think the Braves are a lot weaker then their already weak 49-54 record shows. But the Cardinals do have to face Tim Hudson and Jair Jurrjens, as well as Cole Hamels later this week.

In case you missed it, check out my profile of Luis Perdomo, the prospect the Cards got for Anthony Reyes this week.

Also, I've heard a truckload of rumors involving the Cardinals trade deadline moves. I'd be surprised if nothing happened. I hear Brian Fuentes, Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, Max Scherzer, Orlando Hudson, George Sherill, Brian Roberts, and other names thrown out there, as well as every Cards player EXCEPT Pujols, Molina, Glaus, and Wainwright with a chance of being dealt.

I'm really excited to see what happens at this year's deadline, and I'm even more excited for Carpenter's debut and Wainwright's return. It should be a very interesting week, regardless of what happens.

P.S. Cardinals fans, relax. I've said it a million times, but I'll say it again. IT ISN"T THE CARDS BEST CHANCE TO WIN RIGHT NOW. Be patient. And besides, there's no chance that the World Series will start in Wrigley this year, making the Cubs chances of winning exponentially lower. Brad Lidge might have cost them a title. :)