YES! __________ Is The Next Stone Cold!: Ummm I Don't Think So....

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJune 30, 2010

"OMG John Morrison is the next HBK!"

"Frikkin Cena is just a clone of Hogan!"

"Evan Bourne Born to fly and is the next Rey Mysterio!"

"YES Finally we found the Stone Cold of this generation! "Randy Orton!"


                                Let's take a little look around here...

All over the Internet among the Wrestling Community comments like this are made, and I see them over and over and over again. Many of us make this type of comments and hell even I'm guilty of making these type of comments. They're called the "Next" comments when a rising or current star is called the "next" popular wrestler of previous eras. Among the most popular ones are the one's listed on top, but there are plenty more. It's not necessarily bad but if you think about it is it FAIR to the  up and rising star or current star to be called the "next"?


Ok there is nothing wrong about comparing a superstar's ring ability, mic skills, charisma, and overall charcter with a superstar in the past. I often compare John Morrison's overall look to HBK's or Randy Orton's New Anti-Hero Gimmick to Austin's, but sometimes we have to watch out what we say when comparing superstars. Simply because there is no such thing as the "Next Stone Cold Steve Austin" "The Next Rock" or "The Next HBK". No such thing. Their legacy's and charisma's and gimmicks can not be copied anytime, anywhere, anyplace. So whenever we label a current star "The Next ____" It doesn't only make the superstar of the past era seem irelevent, and that anyone can pull of that type of gimmick, but it hurts the credibility of the up and rising star as well.

When a current superstar is labeled the "The Next _____" by the IWC expectations are set up and the superstar's career must match or seem close to the career of the star of the past era. Which ultimately makes the new star's credibility a Lose-Lose situation. This star needs to get a World Title right away, perform in a gimmick that resemble's the star in the past generation, and absolutely, CAN NO be stuck in Mid Card Hell. And most of all, the IWC must be pleased with all of this so that this superstar's career and greatness can resemble the superstar of the past generation, so we can relive all those great moments and charisma created years ago that unfortuantely isn't present in the ring anymore. So no more can this superstar be pushed to acheived diffrent accomplishments, and be pushed with the aspect of creating his/her own career, entertaining the fans and creating memories for THIS generation, and most of all their legacy.

All in all a superstar in the wrestling buisness should not be labeled as "The Next _____". It defeats the credibility of the star and doesn't allow them to branch out to become the one and only..... themselves, let me share an example I heard. Back when then in the Attitude Era of WWE when Chris Jericho first debuted months and time went by, many, not a lot, but many called him "The Next Shawn Michaels". Fortuantely this did not hinder him and he went onto become the ONE AND ONLY: Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho broke down the walls of "The Next" and went on to create his own legacy and career  that has Jerichoholics all over the World. he is now a veteran in the WWE and is helping with the push for Evan Bourne.

Many of us call a certain superstar "The Next ______" but next time we think of making a comment about that think about that superstar and the superstar of the past generation. It's okay to compare similar characteristics but to no one is "The Next HBK" Rock, Hogan, Austin, HHH, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Kurt Angle, Mankind, Brock Lesner, Trish Stratus or anything. Think about it, if you were in the wrestling buisness and you were an active superstar yeah it would feel great to be called "The Next ____" but after awhile, you don't want to be repeats of the past. You want to go on to become the one and only legend, and legacy............. YOU.