#1 Overall Draft Picks: What Baseball Teams Walk Away With The Future Greats?

Avery DeckerAnalyst IJuly 26, 2008

 Every year, MLB has a draft so teams can re-plenish their farm systems with young prospects that will hopefully be the future of their franchises. Many people don't know that many of the great prospects/young players in baseball like Joba Chamberlain and Jay Bruce were taken later than other players that just never made it. This is natural in baseball. Some players make it and some don't. It is still interesting to see when people were drafted. I wanted to go over today who the best #1 Overall Draft Picks were from the past 11 years. From 1997-2007. First lets go over the picks.

Matt Anderson (1997)

Pat Burrell (1998)

Josh Hamilton (1999)

Adrian Gonzalez (2000)

Joe Mauer (2001)

Bryan Bullington (2002)

Delmon Young (2003)

Matthew Bush (2004)

Justin Upton (2005)

Luke Hochevar (2006)

David Price (2007)

Now the players that just did not end up living up to 1st overall expectations were Matthew Bush, Bryan Bullington, and Matt Anderson. David Price and Luke Hochevar are still developing. It is hard to rank Price and Hochevar, but I will do my best. Here are my rankings

1. Josh Hamilton 

2. Joe Mauer

3. Pat Burrell

4. Justin Upton

5. Adrian Gonzalez

6. David Price

7. Delmon Young

8. Luke Hochevar

9. Matthew Bush

10. Matt Anderson

11. Bryan Bullington

I debated where to but David Price and Luke Hochevar. But from what i've heard and seen from David Price, he has alot of potential as a starter for the Rays. Luke Hochevar I have seen little from, but from that little bit, I have not been impressed. He, to me, looks like a solid 3rd starter. Any suggestions for this rankings?

P.S.- The majority of these 11 years, the Rays have had a top five pick. Watch out for the Rays as the contenders in the AL East. =)