The Rankings Are In and Someone Is Out: NXT 6/29/10 Review

Andrew AbbensettContributor IIJune 30, 2010

NXT this week actually felt pretty short. There were a few gripes about it for me but it was pretty still anticipating due to the first pro’s poll of the season

First Segment: Keg Carrying Challenge

An old favorite makes its return yet again. Before the challenge starts, Matt Striker tells everyone that the first elimination would be tonight which was a big low blow to one of the wrestlers and the winner would be immune to elimination.

The challenge was standard. It was funny that Kaval wouldn’t participate and that Michael McGillicutty, Titus O’Neil, and Husky Harris all dropped the keg. Lucky Cannon won and became immune to elimination which he didn’t really need because he’s good enough to avoid it. It’s just your average segment.

Segment Rating: 6.5/10

First Match: M.V.P vs. Husky Harris

The match was pretty slow. There was some domination by Husky and some back and forth action between the two. M.V.P looked like he had an injury going on near the end of the match which made me worry that he might take time off. Other than the slow pace, it was alright, definitely not exciting

Match Rating: 6.5/10

Second Match: Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, and Lucky Cannon vs. Eli Cottonwood, Titus O’Neil, and Alex Riley

This is where booking sort of messed up. I understand the goal is to showcase the young talent, but six man tag team matches don’t really work out since it’s usually heel domination; however, this was actually pretty solid. The heels weren’t that exciting (except the D-Bag, A-Rile), but the faces were.

Michael McGullicutty is really exciting and he was cunning with that swinging neckbreaker. Of course Kaval is really exciting with his in ring skill. Lucky needs to be booked to be even with the heels instead of the punching bag because he is good. The match ended with the cunningness of McGullicutty, the picture perfect dropkick by Lucky, and the Ghetto Stomp by Kaval to win the match. Pretty good match but still the booking could be better.

Match Rating: 8/10

Final Segment: Pro’s Poll

The poll has a twist: the person who was ranked last would be eliminated. This sucks because it’s too early in the competition. The actual poll was surprising as hell and pissing at the same time. Here’s the rundown:

1)     Kaval – no surprise there.

2)     Percy Watson – surprising as crazy. His ring work needs work but he’s getting there and his mic skills are superb.

3)     Michael McGullicutty – not really surprising at all.

4)     Alex Riley – I think it was because of his loss that he was lower.

5)     Lucky Cannon – didn’t matter since he had immunity but he should be in the top four.

6)     Eli Cottonwood – needs a lot of work unless he wants to be the next Great Khali

7)     Husky Harris – I’m really starting to hate him now, more than Alex Riley. He’s douchebag 2.0

8)     Titus O’Neil – really sad he got eliminated because he was so promising. But he’ll be back in due time. He just needs more training.

So this week was pretty slow like an average day in the city. It was a step down from last week considering there were less matches and a little more promos. Hopefully that changes next week

Overall Rating: 7/10