World Cup 2010: Top Five Dives – Hand-Of-Ghost Victims Or Hollywood Actors?

Angela AsanteCorrespondent IJune 30, 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has seen football players turn into top Hollywood actors, or Hand-of-Ghosts victims, as referees take blatant dives for fouls against. Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, Italy's Daniele De Rossi, Spain's Fernando Torres and Joan Capdevila, as well as USA's Jozy Altidore, all produced at least one dive that would let any Hollywood actor envy footballers for their acting skills.

Frank Lampard's disallowed goal against Germany made the headlines, although German fans recalled the 1966 incident where "the goal that never was" helped England to clinch the World Cup trophy on home soil. This controversy at the 2010 FIFA World Cup was followed with Carlos Tevez's header against Mexico, which spoiled Lionel Messi's strike by not only depriving the Barcelona ace from having his name on the scoring sheet for the first time in South Africa, but also by making the goal an offside one.

These two incidents have incited FIFA President Sepp Blatter to consider reopening the debate over the use of technology in football. Referees are losing their respect all over the world with all that is happening in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. However, not all players can escape the "Cheaters List" that many football fans across the planet who follow the tournament have composed.

Follow this link to check the full "2010 World Cup: Top 5 Dives List ":

The video above shows Fernando Torres' amazing dive, which had Estrada sent off for a second bookable offense. Who is this invisible man that kicks and brings players to the ground like that? There must be a Hand-of-Ghost somewhere which no one sees or feels, apart from the referees and the "divers"!

There have actually been a lot of diving issues already only to raise people's eyebrows. Are players serious when they react like that in front of millions of viewers around the world?

There is a place in the United States of America which is called Hollywood. That's where diving skills needed to fake fights in movies get all the applauds. On a football pitch, however, this kind of attitude will keep being mocked... forever, certainly!