EliteXC II: Did You Watch?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJuly 26, 2008

Tonight, there was yet another event of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on display for the entire world to watch on network television. 

No, there was no Kimbo or Gina on the card, rather, there was a heated, long-awaited rematch and a decent welterweight battle in store for America's MMA fans.

America held mixed reviews about the first event EliteXC put on display for viewers, and tonight's event would be no different.

For the public, it began with a matchup of two very masculine, determined females going at it, with Shayna Baszler meeting Cristiane Cyborg. True to her name, Cyborg worked methodically and effectively, and put on a brutal beating of Baszler...twice actually.

Cyborg thought the fight had ended, but referee Steve Mazzagatti never stopped the bout officially. Sure enough, Cyborg came back and ended it quickly before the second round's end.

In the second fight of the event, Jake Shields put on a submission display using Nick Thompson's head and neck as his main prop. Shields came out immediately and imposed his will on Thompson, taking the fight to the ground.

With Thompson's head already secured, he continued to wrap his legs around Thompson's body from the mount, and squeezed, cinching Thompson's neck till he was forced to tap out.

The third bout of the evening showcased the hometown favorite Nick Diaz in a bout against a relative nobody in the sport of MMA, Thomas Denny. Denny came out with the fire of an underdog in his eyes, striking Diaz with the words flying out of his mouth as fast as his punches were.

Not to be outdone, Diaz fired back words and accurate punches to the point where Diaz had Denny reeling by round one's end. In the second round, much more showboating from Diaz ensued, and he finished with a flurry of nasty downward punches on Denny's face.

The main event of the evening wasn't too bad of a fight. Scott Smith came out with some good striking against the favorite Robbie Lawler. Lawler fired back, but it seemed that Smith got the better of the exchanges in the first round. 

In the second round, Lawler determined the pace, and got Smith to fight the fight he did not want to, with Lawler ending the fight with a flurry of punches only after his knees to Smith's body dropped him.

Personally, I am not a fan of EliteXC. I think the best fighting that goes on in their organization is within the female ranks, and tonight proved that. Gary Shaw's face was not anywhere to be seen, which is an improvement from the first event, but other than that, not much more than a free MMA display.

To MMA fans such as myself, it's always nice to see free bouts, but it's even better to see quality bouts, which this really did not produce on the whole.

So my question to all of you out there is this: Did you watch tonight's event? And if so, did you like it?