The 20 Most Annoying Athletes on the Planet

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The 20 Most Annoying Athletes on the Planet

Sport is a great refuge when you want to let off some steam from work, school and yes, even family.

You cheer on your favorite team or player vicariously, as if the burden and weight are on your shoulders, absorbing every thrill of victory, every agony of defeat either on TV or in the stands.

So, when a player, regardless of the field or court, happens to be the one who beats your favorite team, or does something nasty like gain leverage by breaking another athlete's arm (on purpose) or by pulling someone's hair until they say Uncle!, they're on your list.

That same person continues to get your goat, to the point where you can't even seem to erase his/her goofy visage and mannerisms out of your dreams, it must mean one thing: they annoy the heck out of you.

Welcome to the 20 Most Annoying Athletes on the Planet!

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