The NXT Angle Is a Throwback To What Made The WWE Big.

Michael HeaverContributor IJune 29, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

Love it or hate it (well most love it), the NXT faction/attacking angle has people talking. And in wrestling, that's the aim of the game: to get people talking about you and not the other promotion.

It was a storyline out of the blue, intriguing and different. Amidst the backdrop of a WWE with an incredibly formulaic style and permanent set of headliners who do the same thing week in week out, it has really stood out as something exciting. In fact it is perhaps the only real storyline that has people buzzing at the moment.

But back in the day such angles were ten a penny, and the WWE's audience as a consequence grew hugely. You genuinely would not know what was going to happen on Raw or Smackdown every week, from Title changes to turns, to stipulation matches and returns, it was a promotion truly pushed to the limit through its competitive nature with rival WCW.

With WCW gone, Vince McMahon has been allowed to rest on his laurels, with the only minor threat of TNA to consider.

The result has been stagnant programming that has caused me as a fan my whole life to switch off quite a bit from WWE programming. Every time I had been tuning in, I was seeing pretty much a variant of the same show with very little difference in-ring out of the ring.

The PG era also pretty much killed dead the WWE's attempts to pacify twenty-somethings like me as a target audience.

DX, Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley, these were not things that happened by accident but were cornerstones of a WWE that was about taking risks and keeping the audience guessing every week with a gritty, truly raw edge.

The NXT angle, with its mystique and extremely well executed start has the audiences attention as it has shattered the present day WWE formula.

If Vince can't see the way it has captivated fans and got them buzzing once more, albeit on a relatively small level, about his organisation then we will see no long term change in the WWE. Playing it safe may get the WWE by, but should the TNA threat ever grow to become a large one, Vince may regret resting on his laurels for so long and not pushing for more edgy NXT-like storylines.