Why Miz Should Win MITB and Get a Main Event Push This Fall

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJune 29, 2010

The Miz has been in the WWE since 2006 and yet he hasn't been pushed as a main event star in his career.

Wrestling fans around the world either praise this young man's work inside the squared circle or they blog about how much they dislike his gimmick and his in ring ability. Miz right now though is the United States champion on RAW and is in the money in the bank ladder match at the next pay per view.

With Miz being in the ladder match, some fans believe that maybe it is time for him to get his main event push and honestly, I have to agree with the fans.

The Miz is on his second U.S Title reign right now but I feel like he honestly should get an opportunity for a world title push. Miz's in ring work improves each and every week that he is in the ring.

The Miz also gets more air time each week by being a "pro" on the WWE's NXT show. The more air time Miz gets, the better he becomes in all areas from mic skills to in ring work. The Miz has the WWE universe hating him each time his theme hits the arena and every time he proclaims himself as awesome, the fans yell "awful!!"

Miz did get a semi push last summer when he had a short fued with John Cena—but the push was killed because Miz was buried in that fued. Miz did get back on track with a re-designed attitude and a new look last September and last November he won the United States championship from Kofi Kingston.

Miz was also one half of the unified WWE Tag Team champions with the Big Show earlier this year and even got to defend those titles at  WrestleMania 26. Miz has been getting more popular among wrestling fans over the 12 month period in which he was drafted to RAW and I feel like it is time for him to get a serious main event push on RAW.

Miz's best opportunity for a push is now with the money in the bank ladder match coming up. Every time a superstar has won the match (except in 2007), that superstar has gone on to win a World title.

With the kind stat provided, I believe that it would be a wonderful opportunity to have Miz win money in the bank. Miz can hold the contract up to a year or he could even cash it in on the same night depending on what the WWE feels is appropriate.

Look at how the WWE did with Edge in 2005 after he won the contractEdge feuded with superstars for almost 10 months before finally cashing it in at New Year's Revolution in January 2006 on then champion John Cena.

The Miz could be pushed in that same manner and he could really elevate himself to main event status before he cashes in his contract.

Miz got over very well as a top heel two weeks ago when he interrupted Randy Orton and proclaimed himself as the "new" number one contender for the WWE title. He also stated that he was going to become the first ever WWE champion and United States champion at the same time.

The odd's of that happening in today's world of WWE is slim to none because the fans do not want to see that happen with any superstar but it doesn't mean Miz can fued with main event talent.

A Miz versus Orton feud is a possibility that could really put Miz over the top and entertain the WWE universe for months.

Now with this pay per view coming up, fans will have different opinions on who should win the MITB ladder match, but overall fans will agree that the WWE would be doing something simply "awesome" if Miz wins the contract.

If you have any opinions on Miz, a future push, or even who should win the MITB ladder match, then please leave your comments below in the comment box.