WWE: June 28th Monday Night Raw Review

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 29, 2010

John Cena/Sheamus Promo

Great mic work from Sheamus, again. After seeing the serious John Cena last week, we were forced to endure the happy-go-lucky Cena, complete with his juvenile antics.

I have to say that I really like the way Cole stands on that podium for all the messages from the new general manager. He looks so strange and out of place. It fits his character perfectly!

My prediction was proven right here as the steel cage will return at Money in the Bank.



The Hart Dynasty vs. ?

Before this supposed ''match'' got under way, we witnessed yet another sneak attack from the Usos and Tamina.

A very cheap, and already stale, way of getting these six people on TV.



Vladimir Kozlov vs. Santino Marella

Please, no! There's a show for people like this—its called Teletubbies. When I say ''people like this,'' I don't mean the men themselves, but the way they are portrayed.

Nobody can take them seriously anymore. They used an armbar but it turned into a rolling-around move? Ridiculous.

I feel sorry for Kozlov, Santino and most of all, William Regal.



Edge Promo/Rob Zombie Plug

Okay, let me get this straight. WWE release guys like Mike Knox because they say they can't use him because of his look.

Somehow, WWE can justify having Rob Zombie, a second-rate celebrity, who looks like the product of a one-night stand between ZZ Top and Russell Brand, on HDTV? Go dtuga Dia foighne dom! (God, give me patience)

Thank God for Edge. He saved this segment with his promo.

If Edge hadn't shown up and had this segment not contained worthwhile info, it would have tanked in the ratings.

The only thing I liked about this segment was that it confirmed my predictions for the participants at Money in the Bank.



Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

Nothing too special here. An average match at best. The fans were not into it and it had no rhythm.

I was asked by a reader who read my article about MITB (I can't remember your name... sorry!) ''What do I think about Sheamus' in-ring work?''

To put it quite simply, I think he has a limited arsenal of moves, much like John Cena. He lacks the experience to execute quality moves at the moment.

By this time next year, I would expect him to be at the level of Edge in the ring and on the mic.

Back to the match. It was slow paced, dragged on a bit in places, and was far from making any DVDs soon!



Steamboat's Celebration/The Nexus Attack

This started off as a nice nostalgic segment. For once, I thought WWE was doing a decent thing by commemorating Ricky Steamboat's career. Halfway through, I smelt something fishy.

Why would Lawler be in the ring? Everybody honored Steamboat. He he is very capable of speaking on the mic.

Then, the music hit. You know the rest. If you don't, it was basically a re-hashing
of the last few week's attacks by The Nexus (NXT Season 1 Rookies).

I agree with every other writer who has said that this angle is becoming stale. WWE need to do something quickly to refresh things.

This angle has lost its momentum especially now that Barrett's visa has expired and he's back in England.



Alicia Fox & Maryse vs. Kim & Eve Torres

Not a bad match, by the divas standard. It lasted longer than three minutes, which is a rare thing for the divas in WWE.

The fans were slightly interested. There was a few ''ohhhh's'' here and there.

A nice couple of moves also in this match. The finish looked like it hurt Kim.



Edge, Miz, Y2J & DiBiase vs. Orton, Morrison, R-Truth & Evan Bourne

What promised to be a huge main event turned out to be a huge disappointment.

The match was average and failed to live up to its hype.

It didn't really get going until Morrison and Miz were in the ring.

There were, however, some nice spots in the match. Morrison's corkscrew body dive on the outside and Bourne's body splash on Chris Jericho on the outside.

The finish was very poorly booked. It was a cheap finish. Why give Orton the win if he's injured and only spent 15 seconds in the ring?

Give the win to a young star who could truly benefit from it. While you're at it, if he's not 100 percent, pull Orton from MITB and give the spot to somebody else.

Despite my personal disappointment about the match, it gets:



Final Thoughts:

This had to be one of the worst episodes of Raw in the show's history.

There were two ridiculous ''matches,'' an average bout and three promo segments.

It featured a good divas match and a good main event, which could have been a great main event. The cold hard fact is, the show didn't deserve a good main event.

I hope the poor quality of the show is reflected in the ratings.

By the way, what's with the three promo segments? There's a basic formula for a wrestling show (which I'll admit, can be tweaked or rearranged):

  • A Promo to open the show 
  • 2-3 matches
  • A promo at the start of hour two
  • 2 matches
  • Main Event
  • Closing shot

This was completely thrown out the window tonight in favor of total BS.

I apologise for the lack of substance to the review but there wasn't any point writing much about a poor show.

Final Rating: 2.6/5


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