WWE ready to CRUMBLE!

Not ValidCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2008

Wrestling is at the crossroads that it seems to reach about every seven years. Which way to go?

It's all in Vince's court, and he may be playing with a deflated Dunlap. Recently, things have been getting pretty lame.

With the news of a more PG friendly-product the ratings are due to fall off a cliff. With a lack of standout new talent and rehashed story lines, the retirement of Ric Flair and Vince's "injury," there's not much to tune in for now.

With that said, here's how I would revamp the scene. Step one is to give each show a unique indentity all its own.

Let's start with ECW. This seems to be the double A training ground. Let's get back to the old ECW violence. We need to dump the world title for a hardcore title. Tables, ladders, chairs, and flames. People jumping from the balcony.

It seems most the new kids have very little mic skills, so bring back the irritating, loathsome managers who can help to develop the bond with the fans. Love or hate, as long as the kids learn to make contact with the fans. Women on this program are for eye candy only.

Wrestling should be very limited except for the run-in or (yikes) low blow to conclude a match. The only other title here is a cruiserweight title. Fast paced matches with a lot of aerial moves. This is only an hour show let's try 10-minute time limit matches and two belts are enough!

Now, let's look at Smackdown. I'll start with what's right. No. 1 is Vickie Guerrero. Yeah, that puta Vickie, because I've noticed how much heat she draws. She doesn't even have to open her mouth to get the fans riled up.

Now we can go to the biggest plus to the show in a long time, HHH. The only problem is his lack of airtime since the "draft." Did you see he even made MVP look good on his visit to the VIP lounge? I even got a warm feeling listening to how HHH brought the best out in MVP.

Edge generates a lot of heat so enough said there. Belts, okay, so they need a heavyweight champ, U.S. champ, and tag champs. Let's quit dragging the tag belts back and forth between shows and leave it on Friday nights.

I wasn't real happy with the diva belt at first, but they have enough talent to have two women's belts. This is the show to prep the guys for the big time(RAW). Give them the mike more.

We need a PG-friendly show since they are on a national network and kids will be watching. We do need some gimmicks though. What about 20-minute time limits, Strap matches, some loser getting their hair shaved. Maybe a car filled with cement, or rolled over by a monster truck. We need some long, drawn out feuds.

O.K. Vince, let's fix your creation of genius. Raw was a perfect show. Perfect when you took the steps needed to kick Eric Bischoff's butt and return your show from No. 2 to the top of the "RATINGS WAR." So what's wrong with bringing E.B. back as the GM of Raw, people love to hate him.

Your belts are arranged pretty well. Although, I can't figure out why the Intercontinental champ isn't the No. 1 contender any longer. You need to be violent and leaving people wondering "I can't believe they did that."

We're at the point where we can figure out story lines long before they end. Stories need to last more than a few shows. You want people to want to turn in next week to see what that crazy s.o.b. will put on TV next.

The guys on the roster now are all deserving to be there with few exceptions. You just need to bring them back to that point where the fan can't tell the character from the man (or women) that is delivering your product.

This is a cable show so let's see some of the bizarre once in a while. Not each week, because it get to be expected. Just when it's safe to go back in the water, set up a shark attack.

Some bizarre stunts need to be pulled, just don't go over the top like with the JBL/Cena car stunt. That just didn't make sense. Dumb idea. We need to see the next big thing, not the same old thing.

O.K. Vinnie, since you're home, let's get on with the homework, you got a lot of catching up to do. Oh, by the way I'm a fan of 35 plus years, so I've seen it all and you do have the best of what's out there, I'd just like you to return it to world class entertainment.