The Nexus: Same Routine, Different Victims

Bryan VelosoContributor IJune 28, 2010

We came into tonight's Monday Night RAW looking for answers about last week's brutal, yet "routine" attack on the WWE Chairman. Highlighting tonight's RAW, my TV's guide told me the following:

"Vince McMahon deals with the NXT 7."

Writing emails at a speed we can only hope to replicate, the day's plans for the anonymous general manager's second week delayed the answers we were looking for.

Wade Barrett would be given a week to make their case to the management.

On a podium adorned with a the general manger's seal and a "high-on-life," glasses-wearing Michael Cole, the stipulations for the night were laid down. Much to the chagrin of the current and former WWE Champions, no beat-downs would be handed out on this night.

If the Nexus were to lay a hand on any of the WWE superstars, they would be immediately terminated.

Likewise, if any superstars laid a finger on any of the members of the Nexus, they would be suspended.

So instead of throwing fists, R. Truth later threw out a few choice words to the new band during an interview.

Could we really go a week without what has now become a staple of recent RAWs—a beating from the former NXT Rookies? Apparently not.

In a manner that anybody with eyes could see coming, the Nexus found their target. RAW came back from commercial break to Jerry Lawler in the ring announcing the release of DVDs chronicling the life of wrestling legend Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

As expected, The Nexus appeared—unexpectedly to a new theme song, "We Are One" by 12 Stones.  Then, in a fashion we've all become familiar with, devoured Jerry Lawler along with the legends that had joined The Dragon in the ring.

Okay guys, we've been subjected to over a month of seeing the same beating in the same order.

Any other angle would have already been receiving awful reviews from the community.  The NXT turned Nexus story has held water because it has attempted to break the mold of the invasion story with unlikely and generally unknown actors.

While I've been optimistic about where the WWE has been going lately, I have my threshold as well. The tag-team division is starting to gain steam, with the heated rivalry between the Usos and the Hart Dynasty, and the potential formation of a Santino/Kozlov tag team.

On top of that, the Money in the Bank pay-per-view has a lot of potential to showcase the skills of superstars who have received major pushes and stars who dearly need them.

With an apparent restriction to cause chaos on RAW, coupled with the growing mold forming on the constant beatings, the story of The Nexus needs to take a drastic turn to avoid a complete breakdown.

Wade Barrett will most likely respond to his group's actions as of late, but we've already heard an "apology" from them.

The Nexus needs a hand from the anonymous general manager, no matter what his decision is next week.

The decision of the general manager will also set the stage in regards to who he sides with because, as of late, he's been a hard read—the lack of a face notwithstanding.

As much as I am your token admirer of faces, I would love to see the walls start to close in on McMahon and the WWE Superstars.

For this angle to progress, the Nexus will need to be seen as even more of a threat than they are now—not just as a team, but individually as well. 

The decision of a heel general manager could help.  The Nexus can't continue to outnumber and ambush without it getting older than it already is.

If all of the superstars are put on notice, and with the power that McMahon apparently gave the faceless GM, the pieces are in place for something like this to happen.

No matter what happens, something has to give—and soon.