1PW: Life Beyond WWE, TNA and ROH

Paul AustinCorrespondent IJune 28, 2010

A funny thing happened to me yesterday.

I was reading an article on here, and saw a comment about Hurricane Helms, and somebody had told me the day before that he was wrestling at "Pain in the Park" this August, so I told the person about it, and went off to YouTube to see if there were any trailers for the event.

The funny part wasn't that I didn't find any trailers, the funny thing, or at least it seemed strange to me, was that I found the official One Pro Wrestling (1PW) YouTube channel , where I discovered that many of it's videos only had a few hundred views.

For example, this video below, featuring the closing moments of a title bout between between Johnny Moss and Nigel McGuinness (Desmond Wolfe), posted 14 months ago, has amassed a mere 580 views, at the time of this writing.

OK, I'm willing to concede, looking around the YouTube channel, that the videos are not the greatest videos I've ever seen, but is that really the reason for the lack of viewers, or is it simply the case that many grapple fans are unwilling to look beyond the big names like WWE, TNA, or ROH?

One Pro Wrestling might not be the biggest, or most prestigious promotion on the planet, and it might reside in on a small island, better known as Britain, but is it really so bad that wrestling fans are right to ignore it?

1PW was founded in 2005, 5 years ago now, and according to the official website , their current roster includes a wrestler called Rob Van Dam, that a few here might have heard of, and RVD isn't the only 'big' name they've had wrestle for them.

Since 2005, at a cruel twist of fate, 1PW has seen an ECW invasion (has anyone not done an ECW invasion angle now?), with bouts including Raven, the Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer, on the same card that also featured matches including Low Ki (currently to be found under the name of Kaval on NXT), and a no-disqualification match between AJ Styles and Abyss.

They've also featured matches with Doug Williams, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money Inc., Christian Cage, Thee Drew Galloway (currently wrestling as Drew McIntyre on SmackDown!), and Austin Aries.

Some of you may love some of those wrestlers, some of you might hate some of them, but is there any of us who can claim we haven't heard of them?


Are these people really worth that little attention, or is it simply a case that people don't look beyond the main promotions like WWE, and TNA?

Every week, in cities all around the world, in America, Canada, the UK, in Japan, and Mexico, there are small independent promotions, struggling to survive, putting on event, after event, with wrestlers fighting bout, after bout, and taking bump after bump, and I sometimes wonder whether the ever critical fan truly appreciates these promotions.

Now, seeing as how "Pain in the Park" is taking place in Ellesmere Park, in Manchester, England, like the majority of people here, I'm not going to be able to attend that particular event.

But each and everyone of us, no matter where we live, will have a promotion, or event, not a million miles away.

It would be nice to think that we could all look beyond the WWE, and TNA, for just five minutes, and maybe support some of those promotions.

After all, it's in those promotions that most of the talent we enjoy watching today learned their craft, developed their skills, and cut their teeth, on their rise through the ranks, and without those small, independent promotions, scouting the talents, and giving them their breaks, we wouldn't have the TV wrestling we enjoy and love.