Take That Thing Off! Five of the Ugliest Uniforms in Pro Sports

Angel Navedo@NamedAngelSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008

Sports franchises are faced with a unique dilemma when re-design time comes around. Most of the good color combinations are already in use! Now it's even more difficult to make your team standout. I understand and I sympathize.

There are only but so many colors in the Crayola boxes, right? How did the Eagles make sure their green and white wasn't confused with the Jets'? They chose midnight green out of the color palette instead. Smart move.

Then there are the teams that choose to update their whole look. They look for a sleeker design, something more modern. And it might be cool at a glance. That is until it becomes dated. Just ask anyone responsible for the 1980 Houston Astros uniform.

Then there are teams that just can't get it right. Their uniforms aren't fun to look at, and other teams hate playing against them for it. It may even be safe to say that free agents stray from these organizations because of the overall hideousness of the jerseys.

Ignoring the uniforms of the WNBA and the Arena Football League, here are the five worst jerseys in professional sports:


5. Arizona Cardinals

It's amazing, because it shouldn't be this difficult to ruin red and white. The Cardinals jerseys appear to be made from scraps of the Atlanta Falcons uniform. The patched up blocks along the shoulders don't do much to disprove that notion.


4. Denver Nuggets

These guys just can't get it right, can they? Fans are still recovering from this abomination of a jersey.

The current, powder blue with yellow accents, color combination would probably work as an occasional alternate uniform. There's no way the organization will still be pleased with these colors in five years.

Fans can expect a color change down the road as the Nuggets continue to look for the best way to identify their team.


3. Cincinnati Bengals

Oh, so many punchlines and so little time. Given the Bengals aptitude for being on the wrong side of the law, orange jumpsuits and stripes are so unintentionally appropriate. However, their legal misfortunes are secondary to how ugly the uniforms are from top to bottom.

It's definitely not the color combination that's wrong. Orange, black and white can work very well.

It's the Tony the Tiger inspired helmet that needs to see it's way out of the NFL. They can keep the colors. They need to abandon the concept of designing the uniform to actually look like the animal they're named for. Abandon the stripes. Immediately.


2. Washington Wizards

The Wizards receive no gold stars for their gold top alternate jersey. At the very least, it's not their official uniform. But it still counts, because they've worn it more than once.

There are only two logical explanations that can serve as acceptable excuses for these ridiculous things:

  1. The Washington Wizards held a competition for local kindergarten students to design the uniform. Unable to identify a winner, they decided to combine everything into one awful design.
  2. It was actually an evil and elaborate scheme to disorient the opposition as the Wizards sprint up and down the court under bright lights with gold foil on their bodies.

Whatever the case may be, it's time for the fool's gold experiment to stop. Abracadabra! Make the uniforms disappear.


1. Minnesota Wild

What could have turned out as a cool jersey to accompany a unique name was completely obliterated when the Wild hit the ice wearing this.

Why? There's no rhyme or reason to the uniform. The logo is a jumble of cliches for the wilderness, and the color schemes are illogical.

The usage of red and green is poorly done, disallowing fans to make sense of the symbol. From a distance, it looks like just another dark and angry wolf.

Their home jerseys appear dated to about 40 years ago, a stunning feat for an organization that's only been in existence since 2000.


Dishonorable Mentions: Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Diamondbacks, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, and the Philadelphia Eagles' 75th anniversary jersey.

Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. The tried and true uniforms of teams like the Oakland Raiders and New York Yankees have stood the tests of time. The New York Jets tried to stray away from what worked in the 60's, only to update that uniform style 30 years later. Simplicity is key.

If you disagree, or believe another team belongs here instead, feel free to share your thoughts.

Angel Navedo is the Head Writer at NYJetsFan.com, boasting Jet Fuel Radio, frequently updated news and opinions, and a premier fan community.


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