Rex Grossman Has Upper Hand in QB Battle So Far

Jimmy MacAnalyst IJuly 26, 2008

Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton will be picked apart more than probably any other QB, or QB pair for that matter, during training camp and into the preseason. Every move they make will be analyzed, every facial expression contemplated, and every mistake blown out of proportion.

Thus far, however, both quarterbacks seem to be doing at least a decent job of dealing with the pressure. At this point, the clear frontrunner is Rex Grossman.

Through the first three days of training camp, Grossman has clearly outplayed Orton, who had his worst day, yesterday, on Friday.

Orton started off fairly decent with the second team on Wednesday when the Bears opened training camp. We saw the same old Orton, the inaccurate deep passes and constant overthrows. But overall, he looked decent.

He didn't throw an INT, and completed several short passes, proving he could still move the  ball at times. Nothing special—just the Kyle Orton we've come to know.

On Thursday, Orton, who worked with the first team offense that day, tried to come out of his shell a bit more, taking a few more shots and deep passes than he normally does. Hillenmyer picked him off easily over the middle on a bad pass, and he overthrew a few of his longer passes. He didn't have a bad day, though, completing a multitude of shorter passes, but never reaching the endzone.

And on Friday, Orton had a very rough day. What made it even worse was that he worked with the second team, a defense made up of backups at this point, and they had no trouble keeping Orton out of rhythm. He fumbled a snap exchange and lost it, and was picked off twice by Trumain McBride and backup safety Kevin Payne.

Grossman, on the other hand, seems only to be getting better with each snap of the ball. On the first day, while he did throw an INT, his passes were far more threatening and crisp than Orton's. He completed four deep passes, one for an easy TD, and worked the short game just as well if not better than Orton.

On Friday, when Orton was picked off and kept out the endzone with the first team, Grossman excelled with the second team. He executed more big plays including a deep TD pass to Davis whom he hit in stride, while throwing no INTs.

And Grossman looked his sharpest yesterday, while Orton looked his worst. With the first team, Grossman missed a few passes early, but ended up completing six straight. He found more big plays and different receivers like Hass and Davis for more TD passes while once again committing no turnovers.

If you're keeping score thus far, like we all are, Grossman has one INT to Orton's three, both have a center exchange fumble, and Grossman has thrown at least four for sure TD passes as opposed to zero for Orton.

Grossman also seems to have developed a rhythm with both the first and second teams, whereas Orton had his best day overall with the second team offense.

Things can change quickly in Chicago, but for right now, Grossman has the upper hand. I'll keep you updated as the competition develops.