WWE: June 25 Review Of Friday Night Smackdown!

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 27, 2010

Jack Swagger Promo

This was a very good promo from Swagger. It was the classic heel promo—complaining about losing your title, it was an injustice, and I want it back, etc. Swagger actually drew some good heat. Good mic skills, good segment.



Big Show vs Jack Swagger

This was a great TV match. Swagger looked weak early on but that all changed. This match pretty much had everything—emotional investment from the fans, a balance of domination between the two men, and a great finish which fits in with the storyline.

Hell, this match even had Big Show hit a superplex from the second rope!

Swagger further encouraged the comparisons between himself and the great Kurt Angle by utilising Angle's signature victory roll and turning it into an ankle lock, which he then topped off with the grapevine leg lock.

A good finish which works with Swagger's storyline about being pissed off and being on a mission to regain his title.



Ziggler, Archer, and Hawkins vs MVP, Kingston, and Christian

This match revived the dead art of a six-man tag match. This was as a six-man tag match should be.

Again, the fans were into it, the momentum shifted between the two teams and the match came across well on TV.

The match consisted of high-flyin' outside dives, illegal interferences and that part in any good tag match where the referee loses all control and everybody is in the ring brawling with each other.

I wouldn't be surprised if we were watching three or four of the participants in Smackdown's Money in the Bank ladder match.



Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy

This wasn't a technical, mat-based wrestling match, it was a fight—pure and simple.

The animosity, kayfabe or otherwise, was really evident between these two.

The match featured a sick back body drop on the outside, a top rope mitchunoku drive, and a sick spot where Hardy tripped McIntyre who then crashed back first into the steel steps!

The momentum shifted between these two like a yo-yo going up and down and yet again, the fans were really into it.

These two are pretty much a lock for the Money in the Bank Ladder match also and after this showing, both men deserve a main event spot.



Cody Rhodes Promo

Now, this segment was by far the shocker of the night. I was genuinely surprised at how great of a segment it was.

WWE are using a spin-off of the ''ravishing'' Rick Rude gimmick to push Cody and I have to say, the gimmick suits him to perfection.

Cody's mic skills were phenomenal too—the way he can change pace from a deep serious voice to a high pitched laugh is great.

I also thought that he used the camera very well—the glance back over the shoulder shot near the end was very well worked.

Cody has serious potential—use it and use it well WWE!



Rosa Mendes vs Kelly Kelly

A variation of a phrase sums up this match aptly—''Every silver lining has a cloud.''

This match ruined Smackdown. It lasted about 30 seconds and was absolutely pointless.



Kane vs CM Punk in a 'no disqualification' match

This was another great match on Smackdown. There was a period of dominance from Kane, followed by an attack by the SES.

I particularly liked the choke-slam spree and Kane chasing off Punk into the night!

However, if WWE have chosen the SES as the culprits for the Undertaker's vegetative state, they have ruined the angle.

How can we be expected to believe that three men, who were destroyed by Kane, were able to take out The Undertaker—who is portrayed as a more immortal force than Kane?

Nonetheless, a great match but it was more of an angle and it didn't have a finish.



Final Thoughts:

This week's episode of Smackdown was quite simply excellent.

It featured four great matches—all of PPV quality—of which Hardy-McIntyre was the best, which is some feat.

The show also featured a nice surprise with the Rhodes segment—it really showcased his talents!

Piss-poor divas action. A disgrace even by today's poor standard.

I'm really looking forward to next week's show as the momentum from the fallout from this week's show should carry on to next week and the standard should be good.

Final Rating: 4.3/5


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