Bryan Danielson Firing Remind You Of The Muhammad Hassan Firing?!

Iqbal SirajContributor IIJune 27, 2010

We do not know the exact reasons Bryan Danielson's firing. Some say the tie choking incident. Some say he spat on Cena's emotional face; some say both. You're probably getting tired with all these Bryan Danielson articles, but I am just one more opinion....

What if John Cena spat on someone's face? What if he choked someone with a tie? He wouldn't get fired. Damn, he would probably get another title shot in a month's time. It is ridiculous that Vince would use Danielson as a scapegoat for the complaints he got from executives, and in the process embarassing the biggest indy star in the business. Oh wait, it didn't work, did it Vince? It only has made Danielson into a bigger star, which I believe WWE will capitalize on.

My guess is that Danielson probably wanted to leave in order to get into shape, become a more bigger superstar in the indys, gain even more exposure, and get new viewers when he decides to go back to WWE. Maybe it was Vince's idea, as Bryan is the biggest star in NXT and "Invasion," making the other superstars look small. Wade Barett supposed to be the leader type. You are probably laughing at this speculation, but hey, could be true. (Not my true speculation).

Now, if the firing is legitimate (I believe so anyway), then why cannot he sue WWE for firing him unlawfully? I mean, he must have got consent from Justin Roberts for the tie choking and Cena for the spitting, and they should have known better about the rules of WWE as theyve been in WWE longer than he has. Therefore, he should seek some sort of damages, because he did not know about the rules, when the superstars and management should have. WWE did not even recieve a complaint about the actions, and everything around it combined looked more violent than what he had done.

This firing reminds me of the Muhammad Hassan incident, although the former did not have any publicity about his actions. Muhammad Hassan was one of the best heels during the post attitude era. He spoke the truth about the racism towards Muslims (even though he wasn't one in real life), and he gained heat just by walking into the arena, none of that Vickie Guerrero heat, this is proper heat. Then SmackDown decide to do a terrorist angle on the day of the London bombings, this got huge backlash from US and UK media, and their channel UPN forced WWE to fire him. He become such a fan favourite (in terms of his heel antics) in such a short time, the fans rioted about his mistreatment. Its ridiculous that someone can get fired for going along with what their writers tell them to do and say. It's like if Chandler made his joke sound unfunny, he'd get fired? (Ok that was a ridiculous comparison). Anyway, SmackDown is taped, why didn't they pull that part of the broadcast out by then?!

In conclusion, (after a lot of BS talk), WWE need to re-think their strategies on hiring and firing people, because it is horrendous to have Hornswoggle on their roster but people like Danielson, Shelton Benjamin, Haas, Carlito, Helms get fired.