Four Is More Than Three, Why Chelsea Need To Win Everything Next Season

Rowanne WesthenryFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2008

As a Chelsea fan of 13 years, I want to see every piece of silverware available arriving at Stamford Bridge next season. This is not because I am greedy, but because I truly believe that we have the players and potential to do it.

The history of the club shows that we have always been plucky underdogs and we'll start next season in the same position, behind Man Utd. We qualified for the Champions League when we didn't have any grass so winning everything when we have billions of pounds at our disposal should be a breeze.

The desire to win everything might also have a tiny bit to do with silencing rowdy Man Utd and Liverpool fans, but only a tiny bit.

We have a squad of internationally top-class players but we have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory numerous times over the last couple of years. Buying more big names is not the answer, as the record of Shevchenko will attest.

We need to buy players who can work with the team, not just because they're pretty or they play well for the club they're at.

While I am happy that Deco has joined us, I do not want him to replace Essien in the starting 11. Deco may be more of a household name but Essien, along with John Terry and Petr Cech, has been the backbone of our team over the last three years.

Having said we need to stop buying big names, I would love to see Kaka be our final signing of the summer.

Having him up front, with Joe Cole in the role of second striker, with a midfield of Malouda, Lampard, Essien and Deco and a back four of Bosingwa (who will bring some much needed pace) Terry, Carvalho and Bridge, with Cech in goal and Ballack, Alex, Cudicini, Ashley Cole, Scott Sinclair and Di Santo on the bench would be my ideal squad for August 17th.

As for any more transfers, they are unnecessary unless they are sales.

I would be happy to see Wright-Phillips go to a club where he would get a regular place in the team, and we need to get rid of Shevchenko, he is too old and has nowhere near enough pace to play in the fastest league in the world. Also, our wage bill is somewhere in the region of £500million.

Even if Ambramovich does own both the biggest and second biggest yachts in the world, that's still a lot of money, and a lot of it is for players who haven't made a single first-team appearance. I hope Scolari will sort the footballing wheat from the very expensive chaff.

We've won the league twice, two doubles of sorts but we're still not quite up there with Liverpool and their five Champions League titles, even though they shouldn't have been in the final for their most recent one, as the ball didn't cross the line. Incidentally, when we knocked them out this year, that wasn't rain falling on Stamford Bridge, it was divine retribution.

Nor are we able to answer Man Utd fans when they mention the treble, even though we hold most of the records available in the Premiership, including most clean sheets, most points gained from a season and most victories in a season.

Chelsea has changed form a mid-table club with one or two stand out players, like Zola, and supporters who expected very little, other than the FA Cup and a decent turnout in the league, to a behemoth of a club with supporters around the world whose desire is to win everything and then win some more.

Those big expectations will he heaped on Big Phil Scolari, whose reputation is almost as mammoth as he is. I hope he can bring us the biggest prize of all—The Quadruple.

Believe and it will happen. I've got money on it.