Buffalo Sabres: The All Time Team

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Buffalo Sabres: The All Time Team

Here is who I think would make up the all time Sabres roster. It took a lot of stat reading and tough choices, but here are the players who I think would make the cut.

GOALIE: 1) Dominik Hasek

            2) Don Edwards

CENTRE: 1) Gilbert Perreault

             2) Pat LaFontaine

             3) Pierre Turgeon

             4) Jim Lorentz

LEFT WING: 1) Rick Martin

                 2) Dave Andreychuk

                 3) Craig Ramsay

                 4) Lindy Ruff

RIGHT WING: 1) Rene Robert

                   2) Alex Mogilny

                   3) Mike Foligno

                   4) Danny Gare

DEFENSE: 1) Jim Schoenfeld         4) Larry Playfair    

              2) Gary Galley              5) Uwe Krupp

              3) Mike Ramsey            6) Brian Campbell

HONORABLE MENTION: Miro Satan, Eddy Shack, Tim Horton, Tom Barasso, Mike Peca, Clark Gillies, Dale Hawerchuk, Doug Bodger, Gerry Meehan, Rob Ray, Christian Ruutu, Andre Savard, and Floyd Smith.

I have probably forgotten about a few players, but this is my list and I'm sticking to it.

Leafs Suck!!!

Buffalo Sabres

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