FIFA World Cup 2010: Diego Maradona To Suit Up Once More Against Mexico (Satire)

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIJune 26, 2010

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 26:  Argentina's head coach Diego Maradona speaks to the media during a press conference at Loftus Versefeld Stadium on June 26, 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images


Argentina is the favorite to win their upcoming match against Mexico. But their odds may have gone up even more with the recent news that one of the world's greatest players of All-Time will be playing for his country once again. 

Diego Maradona, Argentina's head coach, has announced that he will be suiting up and entering the game in the 80th minute of the team's bout with Mexico. To make things even more exciting, he will be removing Lionel Messi from the game to place himself in it. 

At a press conference yesterday, Maradona spoke to reporters about his idea to play again and to put himself in the spotlight again.

"I don't care what FIFA officials have to say about this. They can't and won't stop me. Do they know who I am?" said Maradona.

There has been no comment on how he will be able to get permission from FIFA to do this and how he will get his traditional No. 10 for his uniform. 

Maradona may decide to wear the No. 17, which is the number that he wore on his first jersey when he was just getting started. He mentions wearing No. 17 in his autobiography. But he will have to even pry that number off of the back of Jonas Gutierrez. 

Maradona boasted saying, "My prediction and goal is to beat Mexico by at least five points. If we can do that we would have won by just a little bit. People back in Argentina have us winning 10-0. That would be nice."

One of Maradona's close friends has a nice prediction. Fidel Castro released a statement saying he predicts "a 7-0 win with Maradona scoring five goals in the last ten minutes."

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, was exchanging messages with Maradona wishing him luck and telling him that he is confident that the former Argentina star will be fine. Chavez has not announced a prediction on the game just yet. 

In Mexico, people put their homes and children as bets on the game. Now they will have to stick to their bets and possibly have to surrender many belongings. 

Javier Fernandez is one of the stars for Mexico thus far in the tournament. He scored a nice goal against France in Mexico's second game in the tournament. Many reports have shown that people in Mexico believe there should be a Nike "Write the Future" ad with El Chicharito Fernandez. 

Mexico has not released a survey yet on ow many kids were named after Fernandez after the France win, but many believe that it is a lot. El Chicharito spoke about Maradona in a small conference with reporters.

"Maradona has nothing on us. I believe my goal against France was better than his Hand of God goal. Speaking about that, he better not do that against us. He knows for his own good not to mess with us, but I'm guessing he's a bit messed up right now in the head. Actually, I'm joking. He's gonna score a few times on us. It will be sad," said El Chicharito as he started to cry think about how painful the loss will be. 

All eyes will once again be on Diego Maradona.