Pro Wrestling Respect Showcases What WWE Should

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IIJune 26, 2010

On Sunday, July 18, Pro Wrestling Respect comes back to the Burlington National Guard Armory in Burlington, N.J. for their fourth event. 

Pro Wrestling Respect is a promotion that involves wrestlers from the Ring of Honor Wrestling Academy and features a few wrestling veterans on every show. 

Going into their fourth event, Respect is hoping to draw their biggest crowd yet as former two-time Ring of Honor World Champion, Austin Aries, will be featured in the main event.

Also featured are Ricky Reyes, Delirious, Daizee Haze, Rhett Titus, Bobby Dempsey and many other hungry athletes. 

Respect has been showcasing an array of different styles and matches since its inception.  Women wrestling is prominently featured, records actually matter and young competitors get a chance to shine.

This concept is something that WWE is truly missing out on with their NXT product.

Rather than focusing on a reality show format that helps get current stars over, NXT should feature an array of young talent in an environment where what takes place in the ring is what should be focused on. 

WWE should get rid of the tacky segments where wrestlers have to carry beer kegs or play joust in front of thousands of fans that have spent their hard earned money to watch some exciting in-ring action.

NXT has been a deplorable show and the ratings have proven that fact.  Even with the hottest angle in wrestling featuring the entire roster from the first season it can't generate any ratings for the show.

Put these young lions in the ring and let them wrestle.  Let Kaval be Kaval and not the monkey boy for LayCool. 

This is something that Pro Wrestling Respect has focused on since the first show back in January. 

These kids get to fine tune their characters and wrestling skills in front of a live audience.  An intimate environment really helps these wrestlers understand what is working and what is not working.

Unlike NXT, Pro Wrestling Respect has a goal.  I took this directly from their official website at

"Our goal is to allow developing professional wrestlers the opportunity to compete in the ring and in front of a live audience.

Pro Wrestling RESPECT consists exclusively of Ring of Honor Academy graduates and students with the occasional Ring of Honor and established independent wrestling stars.

There will be a strong emphasis on win/loss records and athletic based contests featuring different styles and personalities.

Pro Wrestling RESPECT is an inexpensive event that is performed in a family friendly manner and in a safe environment for everyone involved."

When they say "athletic based contests," they mean wrestling matches and not how fast a man can drink a soda or sell programs. 

I urge anyone who can make the trip to Burlington, N.J. on July 18 to do so.  Pro Wrestling Respect will show you what young, hungry talent looks like. 

If you can't possibly make it to New Jersey, support the company and purchase their DVDs.  This is what professional wrestling is supposed to be and you can witness the beginning of what will become a prominent promotion in the wrestling business.

Jason Alletto
The Wrestling Roundtable