Look Out FBS: Here Come the Bobcats and the Runners

Ryan FritscheCorrespondent INovember 27, 2007

Over the course of the year, many colleges are looking to push forward and to raise their football programs up to another level.

In 2007, both Texas State University and the University of Texas-San Antonio have made it clear that they will be Football Bowl Subdivision teams by 2013. As of press time, UT-San Antonio has already heard from the student body that 73% of the students voted for the move to the FBS level.

Texas State is a bit farther behind, as on November 26, 2007, University President Denise Trauth gave the go-ahead to draft the FBS referendum that will be published to the student body in the Spring of 2008. Voting is expected to take place around March or April 2008, with proponents of the move expecting an overwhelming vote of approval from at least 4-5,000 University students.

Texas State is currently a Football Championship Subdivision team that plays in the Southland Conference. UT-San Antonio, on the other hand, does not even field a football team—but it's athletic programs also compete in the Southland Conference.

Texas State has already won two national football championships while in Division II. Those two championships were won back-to-back in 1981 and 1982. Their most recent title came in 2005, when the Bobcats shared the Southland Conference crown with Nicholls State University.

For those who remember back to 2005, it was Texas State that came back in the D-I AA (now FCS) playoffs against Georgia Southern with a furious 4th quarter comeback. They also beat Cal Poly the following week to advance to the National Semi-Finals against the current #2 FCS team, Northern Iowa.

The question now of course becomes: with the move, which conference will absorb these two universities? 

The general consensus among fans in San Marcos, home of Texas State University, is that both these schools will join Conference USA in 2013. This has yet to be stated by Conference USA, Texas State, or UT-San Antonio officials.

FBS be warned: The Roadrunners and Bobcats are coming—and they are hungry for championships.