In WWE, What Comes First, Sports or Entertainment?

Paul AustinCorrespondent IJune 25, 2010

In 2002, on the back of the success of the Rock in the 1999 movie The Mummy, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. created a subsidiary called WWE Studios to develop and produce feature films.

Initial reactions were positive, especially with the co-production of their first movie, The Scorpion King, with the character again being played by The Rock, which turned out to be a moderate success, despite mixed critical reception.

Since then WWE Studios has received mixed reaction from the fans.

Most people, aside from really die-hard fans, would have to admit that the majority of the 10 movies that the studio has produced, or co-produced, to date, have been distinctly average productions, and some members of the WWE roster have ended up demonstrating why they are wrestlers rather than full-time movie stars. 

Despite the mixed reviews, to wrestling fans, WWE Studios hasn't really been something they've been overly concerned about...until now.

Until this year, it's been a case of take it or leave it, because whether they liked the movies or not, they didn't really impact the wrestling shows that roped them into the industry in the first place.

That was until this year, as WWE Studios began a production line of 10 movies to be made over a period of a little more than a year.

Included in the movies currently being produced, or slated to be produced in this period, are Knucklehead, starring The Big Show; Legendary, starring John Cena; That's What I Am, starring Randy Orton; Inside Out, starring Triple H; The Chaperone, starring Triple H; Chasing the Hawk, starring Edge; and an as-yet-unnamed movie starring The Undertaker.

Whilst many of these movies are being made back to back in New Orleans to cut down on production times, it is going to cause a constant drain on the main event roster as wrestlers take time out to make movies.

Now, some might argue that this could be a good thing, as it allows WWE to push new talent, and some even suggest that the new Money in the Bank PPV might have been influenced by this; however, what happens when they push those guys into movies too?

What comes first, sports or entertainment, wrestling or movies?