2010 NBA Draft: Knicks Fans Dissapointed LeBron Not Selected (Satire)

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIJune 24, 2010

The fanatics of the New York Knicks got loud when their team was announced on the clock in the second round of the NBA Draft.

Unfortunately, nobody told them that they were a few years late and looking at the wrong draft board. 

The crowd started to chant, "We Want LeBron!" They were hoping to draft a messiah and lead them to the NBA Finals. LeBron James is that man, but sadly he was not available.

The Knicks took Andy Rautins from Syracuse and Landry Fields from Stanford. They were shot in the heart by not hearing the name LeBron James. Many fans threw their signs and whatever they brought to cheer for the Knicks immediately after their pick was announced. 

The body of Spike Lee has not been found ever since. Many believe he may have left for good after the Knicks made their announcement. 

Avery Johnson commented earlier in the night that what makes a team successful is a team who's ownership cares for the team's future. Looks like Donnie Walsh threw away the team's future by picking these unknown men. 

Knicks fans heard mumbles that the team was hoping to trade their picks for a chance at drafting Isaiah Thomas in the future. The team spokesman was referring to the Washington star, not the Florida International University head coach. Either way. the name is banned by many. 

Those that did not harm themselves when they heard the picks called harmed themselves when they heard rumors with that name. 

The biggest pick in Knicks history will remain Patrick Ewing. It could have been LeBron James on June 24, 2010. But the Knicks are a few years late. Their fans needed a bit of a newsflash.