Dodge This: Vickie Sends Edge to the Highway to Hell!

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

On SmackDown!, Vickie Guerrero shocked us all with her announcement at the end of the show. 

She has reinstated The Undertaker, and there is a match for Summerslam. Yes, there is a match with Undertaker and Edge, hell in a cell. I love it! 

Edge tried his hardest to win back his wife, just so that he could get his title back. He went on to tell Vickie that he was the victim. He told her that the camera didn’t show how he was telling Alicia no, and that he didn’t leave due to he wanted the wedding to be perfect for her. 

How long did you have to think that one up, Edge? Did you really think that anyone would buy that shit? 

If you are going to lie about why you cheated, you should have come up with a better excuse. There are just a couple of other reasons that would have sounded better. You could have stated that you were temporarily crazy, blacked out, and you didn’t know what you were doing. But hey, that is just me.

If you really thought that a woman scorned would fall for that, you are seriously mistaken. 

Vickie Guerrero told Edge that she understood why he did what he did. Are you kidding me? How could you possibly understand why he did that to you? It was a priceless moment; Vickie explained to Edge that she did something that he wouldn’t like.

Edge, the fake that he is, said that they could work around it. Then he asked her what she did. REINSTATE THE UNDERTAKER! 

Edge then tried to get Vickie to go along with going on their honeymoon. Just so that Triple H and Undertaker could tear each other apart for the title. Vickie then announced the next bombshell to him. She has already scheduled a match at Summerslam with Edge and The Undertaker. That is a match that everyone will want to see. 

Vickie Guerrero has just moved up in my book. Thank you for a very entertaining SmackDown! I loved the ending and now can’t wait to see what will happen next week in the resurrection of the dead man.