Chris Jericho: Contract Talks Progressing Smoothly

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Chris Jericho: Contract Talks Progressing Smoothly
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Yes, it has been that long! It has been almost three years since Chris Jericho returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and as such, it's new contract time!

There has been a lot of speculation recently; will he stay, will he leave, what about Fozzy, and what about his new ABC prime-time game show, Downfall?

But the fogs have cleared, and now these questions can be answered.

The first six episodes of Downfall are in the bag, and if it's renewed, it will continue to be taped in blocks, so it really doesn't interfere with his schedule.

Furthermore, Chris, and WWE, are happy for his Fozzy work to continue shadowing the Raw agenda, where gigs and signings are scheduled to coincide with wrestling tour dates, meaning there's no conflict there.

Incidentally, for the conspiracy theory merchants who were wondering about his absence during the NXT invasion of Raw a couple of weeks back, Chris was actually dealing with other issues at the time, so there was a legitimate reason for it.

Finally, the man, who styles himself the best at what he does, has made it quite clear that right now he's not ready to throw in the towel and turn his back on the profession he's served for the last twenty years.

Whilst heading towards 40, and he's not going to thank me for reminding everyone of that fact, he's still fit, still able, and still feels he has a couple of years left in the tank.

Chris has been perhaps as candid about his future, in the last few weeks, than at any other time in his career.

He's made it clear that he wants to help the developing young talent around him and that, having cleared his head and pursued other interests during his hiatus, he now feels fresh and on top of his game again.

So he's ready to keep going for another couple of years.

He's not a fool and not a man we're likely to see wrestling into his old age, limping around a ring, with a limited move set, and a dodgy back. But as long as he feels he can give his best and perform to the standards that the fans expect of him, he'd like to carry on a little while longer.

And personally, I'm glad to hear he'll be staying on our screens for a while yet.

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