Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett in a 2010 Main Event? No Thanks

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIJune 24, 2010

Tonight's main event on Impact will feature "The Icon" Sting against Jeff Jarrett. The show was taped last Tuesday, but I won't share the spoilers.

The results don't really matter.

What does matter is that this is a huge step back for TNA, which has been on a roll as of late. 

Jeff Jarrett's time off TV was refreshing. I don't really hate the man, but he is not main event talent. He never really was. I can't say that all of his world titles are because he founded TNA, but his four with WCW were long after WCW's prime. 

Jeff Jarrett should not be in a main event.

There are too many talented wrestlers on the roster to waste valuable TV time on this washed-up man well past his prime. I don't mind him on TV in a small role, but he needs to stick to the house shows. 

We've complained a lot about the fan rankings. TNA had a good opportunity to showcase one of the 10 who maybe hasn't been in a main event in awhile.

Barring a potential shoot ending, the worst case scenario would be a good wrestling match. 

But no, this is TNA. Bischoff and Russo clearly haven't learned their lesson.

One of the other matches advertised for the show is Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe. These two put on a series of phenomenal matches last fall, when Wolfe first made his debut.

These matches did an excellent job showing us Wolfe's capabilities. 

Unfortunately, that was the end of Wolfe's push. 

So why is a match with two of the best wrestlers in the world not the main event? Clearly this match has much more potential than Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett. 

Does TNA really think that we care about Jeff Jarrett?

I know that the IWC doesn't always represent the majority, but seriously, no one is going to pay money to see Jeff Jarrett wrestle. He's not that good; he never was. 

As for Sting, it's nice to see him out of the title picture. I love Sting, but his days as World Heavyweight Champion should be over. 

But he shouldn't be wasting his time with Jarrett. 

I can see why this two are feuding. Jarrett would naturally be upset with Sting after what happened at Sacrifice. But there's a better way to continue this feud. 

Jarrett is still over with the crowd. So why not pick a guy like the Pope to fight for him. Surely a face would want to prevent Sting from ruining TNA. Surely a booker with any common sense would see this as a way to push a new star.

But this is TNA... 

Enough nostalgia feuds. We already have the ECW guys coming in. First Sting feuds with RVD, now Jarrett. What's next, Ric Flair? Randy Savage? Who knows?

Are we going to get a good main event tonight? Probably not.

Am I surprised? Nope.