Christopher Daniels Injured, TNA Dropped, and Diva Released This Past Week

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

This has been a rather slow week in the professional wrestling industry, but some things did happen. 

If you are a fan of wrestling, you owe it to yourself to watch Ring of Honor (message me if you want links to recorded shows). Last Saturday, Ring of Honor put on a great iPPV called "Death Before Dishonor VIII."

In the card was Kenny Omega vs. Christopher Daniels. It was Daniel's ROH re-debut since leaving the company for TNA. Apparently, Kenny Omega works a very stiff match because one of the open-hand slaps from Omega ruptured Daniels' right eardrum. 

Daniel's twitter comment on the pain:

"FYI: Ear drops for a ruptured eardrum hurt like a motherf**ker!! OW!!"

For more info on his recovery go here:  (and yes Google does do health facts. I know, I'm as surprised as you.)

In other semi-related TNA news, Spike has pulled TNA Reaction from their schedule and the show, Jail , has been listed in the time spot. This was a one hour, documentary-styled show with a backstage perspective on current TNA events. 

Final news for today is that Former NXT/Smackdown announcer Savannah (Angela Fong) has been released. Not one word why, but good old JR has comments as always. 

"Sorry 2 hear Savannah got released. Nice, young lady. It happens 2 best of us. New HOT jr's bbq sauce is in! THQ v/o's start nx wk." 

Oh and apparently JR works out as well. 

"Hitting gym..wishing a few lbs well n their future endeavors."

So that's the news. Please digest slowly and wait a half hour before swimming. Thank you.