WWE's New Video Game Approach: Creative or Ridiculous? *UPDATE WWE HOF Interview

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

As a fan of WWE, I have special interest in not only the product they show on television, but the merchandise they sell as well. DVD's, Clothing, Accessories and even Video Games.

I often find myself wearing my Rey Mysterio shirt to school often, playing the SMACKDOWN vs. RAW series and buying clothing from stores (And I'm desperately wanting my own Rated R Belt, and RKO belt from WWE Shop.com).

So yeah, I'm a fan boy.

Earlier this month to be exact at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, yeah I'm a video game fanatic as well). WWE presented a new video game that would be separate from the annual Smackdown vs. Raw series.

And one that has a unique look and feel to it. The name as of now is called WWE All Stars. And the concept is a mixture of fighting and arcade elements with a combo system and over the top exaggerated elements.

It put superstars in the ring from past to present. It's not an all out wrestling game, because first of all the look, and the gameplay. The gameplay as revealed so far is basically fighting, all about hard hits and combos, again not your traditional Wrestling Game full of submissions and grapples and such.

On one occasion in the gameplay, John Cena does multiple slams on the Rock and as the Rock bounces back up from the ring John Cena performs another move on him that instant, so combos are a very important key to the game and can be performed in the ring and mid air as well.

And the look of it is very arcade-like and the characters announced so far is the Rock and John Cena. Now let me just say this, the characters are real cartoony like, they appear with over the top animation with an exaggerated look. Kind of as oversized, steroid-bound fighters.

Now John Cena fits this look in the game and looks fine to me, but the Rock always had a more slender type of look to me. If in the game they all look like this, how will other superstars like Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels look like?

Anyway, many different opinions has spread from the fact this kind of game is being made. Many are for it, wanting to get the game because of arcade-like appeal. But others are shooting it down, saying it's a kiddy game and something along those lines.

While I find the game just a little over the top, but I'm not hating it. There's only one gameplay video and I still think it's a little too early to judge. It is going to be released early 2011 so that's plenty of time for WWE to change some things.

*UPDATE: Exclusive Gamestop 18 minute Interview with WWE Hall of Famer Dustin Rhodes along with son Cody Rhodes and THQ's Sal Divita about WWE All Stars. Includes new footage of gameplay, and new questions and info about core aspect about the game. Here's the link on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W42asAkCkWM


Here is the link for gameplay (The Rock vs John Cena): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66OEA7xLYZQ

Link For E3 Gamespot Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBFOVF8iTZE

Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWE_All_Stars