When Big Boys Collide...

James HizonaCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

On Saturday night, July 3, the very foundation of the MGM Grand Garden Arena will shake when two of the biggest heavyweights in UFC history set a collision course in the Octagon for the undisputed heavyweight championship.

Current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, will defend his title against UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Shane Carwin, in what seems to be one of the biggest (literally) fights the UFC has ever promoted. UFC 116 is set to explode! Lets breakdown this main event.

I am sure that we all know what Lesnar is capable of doing in the octagon. There is no question that this beast can fight and is just barely scratching the surface of what he can do. The question that remains to be answered is what shape will Lesnar be after recovering from a serious illness and almost a year away from fighting?

Not only is Lesnar defending his title against another beast in Shane Carwin, but Lesnar is facing a beast that literally can knockout anyone that is touched by those cinder blocks that Carwin calls fists. The man has yet to be pushed passed the first round in all five of his fights in the UFC.

When former No. 1 heavyweight contender Gabriel Gonzaga faced Carwin in March of '09 at UFC 96, questions about Carwin's chin was answered on that night. Gonzaga was able to land, not one, but two clean shots to Carwin's face. Carwin was able to recover from those strikes and seemed to be even more pissed off when he dispatched Gonzaga a few moments later. This guy is for real! Lesnar is going to have his hands full with Carwin on July 3.

Now the one thing that comes up is Carwin's cardio. It has yet to be pushed. Then again, he really hasn't had to deal with that. With the wrestling background that Carwin has been raised in, cardio may not be a factor at all for him. But this is not wrestling, MMA requires a cardio that is MMA cardio, not wrestling cardio. I am sure that after 12 overall MMA fights with no loss, Carwin knows what to do to be prepared.

What concerns me is that will we see a Brock Lesnar that is fully healed from his illness and what kind of ring rust will he have when facing Carwin?

But keep in mind, Carwin is also going to be equally challenged when he faces someone who is just as powerful or even more powerful than him. Lesnar is one of the most agile heavyweights to ever compete in MMA. You have to realize that this guy is a 265+ lbs. and can move like a welterweight, which is unheard of.

Not many humans on this planet can match the combination of speed and power that Lesnar possesses. This guy is the champ for a reason. And right now he is at the top of the heap. Lesnar is no slouch and we know that he is capable of going all three rounds. But with these two freight trains colliding, I don't see this fight going into all five rounds at all.

When it comes to fight, I usually would side with the better wrestler, but in this case, both fighters are well accomplished wrestlers. Both are powerful and both are in a class of their own. I just hope since they are facing mirror images of each other, I hope they do not cancel each other out which would end up with me looking forward to the prelim fights.

I don't see that happening, what I do see is someone getting knocked out in dramatic fashion. I am going to go with Brock on a slight edge. But it is a very slight edge. I believe his natural athleticism along with his brute strength will be too much for Carwin.

Well those are my thoughts, now I would love to hear yours. Who will be the one left standing when the smoke clears and the dust settles? Will we see a knockout? A decision? Dare I say, a tapout? Will Brock solidify his position as top Heavyweight fighter in the UFC? Or will we see a new champion in Shane Carwin?

Until then, this is Balistik signing out.