Cutting WWE Some Slack: My List of Top 10 Great Things In This PG Era

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJune 24, 2010

Cutting WWE Some Slack: My List of Top 10 Great Things In This PG Era

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    Hello, Deal-A-lites, I am back!!! Now, being a part of the IWC for a considerable amount of time and having read many articles on many forums about the absolute hatred shown toward the PG Era, I thought why not talk about a few good things the PG Era has given us, so for, a change? So, in this show of mine, I have enlisted “my” top 10 list about the best things the PG Era has given us so far. Now, I would however like to say a few things before I begin: First of all, this show is not to ignite the whole “Screw PG” Debate! Secondly, I am just trying to look at a few good things we have seen from the PG Era, thus far. I would love to see as to what all the PG Haters say about this thing! Last but not the least, I have written this article because the last time I wrote an article in which I praised WWE was way long ago and since then I have ranted like “crazy” against them. With that said, I am sure that if Vince reads my stuff, he would be pretty much on the verge of going insane, so just to calm him, I am making a face turn for him and for a change going to be sugar coated in this article! BTW! Do sign the petition to have Jim Ross call the 900th episode of RAW! You can find the petition at this link: I also advice you to check out a very talented and classy writers work here, check them out at his profile page at this link! All right, guys, so here we go, hope you enjoy it.

10. Pushing New Stars

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9. A Few Really Good Creative Angles!!!

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8. The NXT Invasion

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7. Jeff Hardy Finally Wins The WWE Title!!!

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6. The HBK vs. Jericho Feud in 2008

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5. Chris Jericho Becomes A Self-Proclaimed Honest Man!!!

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4. The Rise of CM Punk and the Formation Of The SES

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3. No More Blood!!!

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2. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Wrestlemania 25 & 26

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1. Randy Orton becomes the next Anti Hero-Epic Thing Indeed!!!

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Honorable Mentions!!!

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