Ryan Dinwiddie Leads Bombers to First Victory of Season with Last Second TD

Chris Allen@@ChrisATheTruthSenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2008

In a miraculous act for all Bombers fans, Ryan Dinwiddie led the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to their first win of the season against the now 3-2 Calgary Stampeders. Dinwiddie threw 24 completions of his 39 attempts for 450 yards, with one TD pass on the day. This TD pass was the game winner in their contest against the Stamps'.

However, in my opinion the game should not have been so close. Alexis Serna missed his first two field goals, and the Bombers' had to settle for two single points on the returns being conceded in the end zone. Also, a TD pass was called back on a holding call for the Bombers in the second quarter.

The Stamps' started off with the game, but on the first play, Ken-Yon Rambo fumbled the ball he caught after being hit by Jovon Johnson. This resulted in a Bombers' ball after the recovery was made by Johnson. The Bombers would not be able to make progress, and Serna would come out to kick, but missed his 44-yard attempt. The Stamps', however, conceded a single point for the Bombers'.

Serna would also miss later in the first quarter, this time from the 39 yards. The Calgary Stampeders conceded a point in the end zone once again, giving the Bombers' another point. The score was 2-0 at the end of the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second, the Bombers' had the ball on third down, and quickly made a 5-0 lead after Serna redeemed himself with a 24-yard field goal attempt.

On the Bombers' next possession, Rombey Bryant caught an amazing pass for 28 yards, putting the Bombers in the red zone on the five-yard line.

On the next play, Derick Armstrong was roughed up in the end zone by Brandon Browner, bringing a forward pass interference call and placing the ball on the one. There was also a roughing up at the passer penalty on Shannon James. Graeme Bell would run in a one-yard score on the next play, making the score 12-0 for the Bombers.

Calgary progressed on their next drive, however. After two consecutive completions to Rambo totaling 49 yards, the Stamps were on the 13-yard line. After two straight incompletions and a penalty, making the play still second down, Henry Burris would connect with a 13-yard score for Nik Lewis.

The ruling of TD was challenged by Coach Doug Berry of the Bombers, but the call stood, thinning the Bombers' lead to 12-7.

Alexis Serna put up a field goal before the half ended, and DeAngelis put up a field goal as well. Adding a single point by punter Burke Dales, the score was 15-11 at the half.

On the Stampeders' first drive of the half, Joffrey Reynolds had a huge 29-yard catch to help put the Stamps on the board in the third quarter with a field goal, making the game a close 15-14 in favour of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

On the Bombers next drive, Arjei Franklin would catch a 24-yard catch before being pushed out of bounds by Shannon James. After a 19-yard pass to Franklin on the very next play, the Bombers were on the 17-yard line.

After going two-and-out, Serna would come in and kick a 20-yard field goal to put the Bombers up by four. Another field goal on their next drive put them up by seven.

Calgary's first possession was huge, and with the Stamps being down by a touchdown and 8:39 left on the clock, Henry Burris threw a pass to Lewis, who, after watching it bounce off his hands, caught the ball and ran all the way into the end zone. This tied the game for the Stampeders at 21-21.

On the Bombers' next possession, Ryan Dinwiddie threw a deep pass to Terrence Edwards, who would catch it for a gain of 41 yards, putting the ball in Stamps' territory, on the 36-yard line. After going two-and-out, Serna missed once again, making this a one-point game after a single point on the play.

After an 11-yard run by Joffrey Reynolds on the first play of the Stamps' next drive, Burris threw what seemed to be a perfect spiral to Chris Jackson, but Kelly Malveaux showed up in front of Jackson, catching Burris' only interception of the game and returning it eight yards.

Serna would get a field goal out of this opportunity, making it a four-point game, and meaning that the Stamps would need a touchdown if they wanted to win.

On their next drive, the Stamps' dominated down the field, and after many short yardage catches, Calgary was on the six-yard line. On the next play, Burris found Jeremaine Copeland in the end zone, putting the Stamps' up by three.

It seemed that this may have been another B.C. Lions game for the Blue Bombers, who were defeated last week in a fourth quarter comeback by the Vancouver-based team.

However, Dinwiddie would throw back-to-back first down passes, with an 11-yard pass to Charles Roberts and a 27-yard pass to Arjei Franklin, putting the Bombers' on the 35-yard line.

The big question for the Blue Bombers now was, with 20 seconds left, do you move and then try for the field goal, or do you go all the way? Most coaches would say, "Bomb it out on first down, then if you don't make it, run it up a bit on second down and kick the field goal on third."

That's exactly what Dinwiddie did.

With TSN commentators pondering aloud if we would have the year's first overtime, Dinwiddie sent the fans home buzzing, wondering not only if Winnipeg could defeat the Argos next week, but who Doug Berry would start in that game.

Dinwiddie stepped back and threw a beautiful pass to Rombey Bryant, who fell back into the end zone for the touchdown.

So, with 12 seconds left Ryan Dinwiddie had won the Winnipeg Blue Bombers their first win of the season with a beautiful pass. Fans were cheering loudly, and I'm sure Boise State fans all over the United States were cheering on their former QB on his first professional win.


Player of the Game

For those of you who didn't see this coming, I can't help but wonder who you chose and why the heck you would choose them over the one man who truly deserves this. Congratulations to Ryan Dinwiddie on his game well played and his first CFL win.

Also, congrats on being the only QB to record a win with the Bombers' this season, and the first QB besides Kevin Glenn to record a win with the Bombers' since Glenn started playing with Winnipeg.

Ryan truly deserves this award, and as a Bombers' fan, I hope he gets the start next week against the Argos.


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