New GM?: What If "The Rock"

Ben LandwehrContributor IJune 23, 2010

Alright.  So most of us watched the last episode of Monday Night Raw a couple days ago.  So all of you know that Bret is no longer the GM of Raw anymore.  This leads us to question, "Who is the new mysterious GM of Raw that has to email us and voice through Michael Cole?"

Well, I was reading through Bleacher articles on who the GM might be.  But I want to focus on one person, and that person is none other then, The Rock.

The Rock was set to come back a while ago already, but couldn't due to movie plans.  But he also has had talks(or rumors) for a set summer return.  But as of late, nothing has come up.  Then again, now that the hype has gone down, what better time to come back?
Now, this likely hood of it being The Rock is very very slim.  It's almost not likely at all.  The Rock even has a new look apparently for an up coming moving he's going to be in.  That being said, I doubt it would be him.

But, what if it was?

So, I thought of a.. "What if" type of thing, if you will, and made up a little story that could go with his return.


Alright, so we all know with the new GM not wanting to be addressed at the moment(by the way, this could also mean Raw doesn't even have one at the moment) that there's a chance it could be anyone.  For all we know Vince has an idea of making Kanye West GM.  Likely?  Definitely not.  It won't happen.  But, it could if he wanted it that way.  Anyway, here's what I have if in fact it was The Rock.
An email could be addressed toward anyone really. Like.. I don't know, NXT. While ranting in the ring, an email could interrupt Wade and that having Cole reading it back to him like this;


Wade: - "...and we will come out every night unt-"

*Email/IM Noise alert*

"Hold on I just got another email from our GM. It looks like Wade, you will be going 1 on 1 with none other then.. John Cena! What do you think?"

Right as Wade starts saying;

Wade: - "What do I think?! I think th-"

*Email/IM Noise alert*

Cole: - "Hold on, our host just sent another (voice?)message. It says.., "It doesn't matter what you think!!"(the message could be a voice message, who knows.  Either one would work out.)

Then you could either have The Rocks music start(this would better work out if it was indeed a voice message), or just have the fans hyped up for the next addition of Raw.  While we'd definitely hate having to wait even longer, what better way to get good ratings for the next weeks Raw?  I know for a fact that some of my friends that no longer watch would tune in to see him come back to the WWE.


This is just a thought of what could happen.  The Rock would also look good in a heel return.  Who doesn't want to see The Great One go "Toe-to-Toe" with the Super Hero, John "Super Man" Cena? 


This is my first article, and I hope you enjoyed.  Feel free to make your own "What If: " Articles on your own with your own little script or something of that nature, or post them here.  Even critique/add on to mine if you'd like.


*This article was merely made for entertainment purposes, please don't take it literally."