What Is the Purpose TNA Wrestling?

Paul AustinCorrespondent IApril 11, 2017

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

What is the purpose of TNA wrestling?

What does it exist for?

What market is it aiming for?

As every new episode of iMPACT! airs every Thursday night the answers become less and less clear.

One minute I see a series of famous faces, from a bygone era, and find myself asking is this a retirement home for wrestling veterans, and then the next minute I see a couple of talented young athletes put on a hot bout, and ask myself is this the future of wrestling?

Is this WCW revisited, or is it a WWE wannabe?

One of the latest rumors doing the rounds is that we're going to see an ECW invasion angle. Now where have we seen that before?

Wasn't the corpse of the ECW dug up, and flogged, by the WWE a few years ago?

Are TNA really going to dig it up, and flog it again, this time with some of the guys even older, and even less able, and with restrictions on names, and gimmick infringements, giving us another failure?

Please tell me no!

TNA is NOT WWE, and therefore it has so much promise, it has so much potential, but they seem determined not to live up to it.

Whether it's an attempt to copy the WCW and rekindle the Monday Night Wars, or to launch this ECW invasion angle, it's just raking over old ground, when TNA should be aiming for a new audience, their own audience, and their own place in the market.

I look at the world of Professional Wrestling, the world of Sports Entertainment, and at one end of the spectrum, with it's onus on Sport, I see Ring of Honor, and at the other end of the spectrum, with it's onus on Entertainment, I see WWE.

Shouldn't TNA be striving for the middle ground?

They have the athletes, they have the stars, to put on matches every bit the equal of WWE, and some would argue better, and they have the personalities to outshine the boys at ROH.

They are sitting on a winning formula, but instead they serve the audience up with 1999 revisited, and aging stars, who really should know better.

Hulk Hogan? Ric Flair? Sting? I know I'm going to upset a lot of fans here, but these guys and others, are well passed their sell by date. They are old, they are turning stale, and they are not capable of putting on the bouts they used to.

Hard as it may be for some to take, these guys need putting out to pasture.

I hear the argument about big stars drawing in the TV audiences, but TNA has people like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Ken Anderson, and Rob Van Dam, who are all veterans, who are all established names, who can do that job, and can help put over the younger talent.

They don't need to over crowd the roster, with aging superstars.

That way they could also ditch the wheelchair friendly ramp to the ring, which really doesn't do them any favors, even though it does assist those with dodgy hips, and knees.

It would cut down on the costs, and help turn a profit, and free up space to promote top new, and young athletes, and put on breath taking matches in the X Division.

They could wow the world with matches, that were better than anything you'd find on a Monday Night, whilst giving the audience a little entertainment along the way.

The path is clear, nothings standing in their way, there are acres of open space in front of them, and all they have to do is pick up the ball and run with it.

What is the purpose of TNA Wrestling?

Dixie Carter has to decide.

Does she want to keep trying, and failing, to be the WWE v2.0, or does she want to produce the future of Professional Wrestling?

Dixie doesn't need Bischoff, she doesn't need Russo , she doesn't need Hogan, she doesn't need Flair, she needs to forge her own path, a new path, a path towards innovation, and excellence, a path towards a new Golden Age of Wrestling!