Let The Surprises Continue: A WWE NXT 6/22/10 Review

Andrew AbbensettContributor IIJune 23, 2010

Update: Ok, so I decided that for the summer, with a few other articles in between, I was going to do reviews of NXT each week. Since with Raw and Smackdown have more promos than wrestling, I figured why not do reviews of the wrestling show of the week. So with out the way, Let’s start the actual review


Going into NXT this week, I had just ranked the rookies by pairing, and it was their time to prove themselves to me, it was full of surprises and I didn’t expect it to happen, so let’s start with the first match

First Match: MVP and Percy Watson vs. Alex Riley and The Miz

This was where the surprises started; Percy Watson carried out his own weight for the beginning of the match and brought out the best in Alex Riley. Then The Miz comes in and acts like a complete D-Bag so that was not fun. MVP didn’t have that much to do with the match but he was there to make Percy look good. But here’s the thing, Percy looked great! He was so electrifying in the ring that I was out my seat when he came into the ring. Unfortunately, the double d-bags won the match. 

It was a good match but it was mostly there to help improve Percy Watson, which is good considering he has the worst ring work out of all the rookies. It’s good to see that Percy is really improving. As for Riley/Miz, they’re still your favorite D-Bags

Match Rating: 8/10

Note: Did I Mention that Riley/Miz are D-Bags?


Second Match: Titus O’Neil vs. Michael McGullicutty

Holy Mother this match was short! All there were was some back and forth action between the two in the beginning, Titus dominates and botches in the middle, and Mikey goes in for the kill in the end. That was it. It would’ve benefited them if the match was longer, but there was some good wrestling on both parts (minus Titus’ botch). Again, should’ve been longer.

Match Rating: 7.5/10

Third Match: Kaval vs. Eli Cottonwood

As memory serves correct, usually in David vs. Goliath matches, the big man usually dominates the little man. But this time, the match stayed true to the actual story of David and Goliath until the end. Kaval showed everyone who is boss with his kicks and ghetto stomps, but Eli had to get the reverse chokeslam in for the win. So sad, so sad.

Match Rating: 8/10

Note: Post match was even sadder when Kaval had to wear a Lay-Cool vest. I feel so sorry for him.

Fourth Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Lucky Cannon

The first rookie vs. pro match was a little disappointing because of the time limit. All it proved is that Cody Rhodes is being a punk and that WWE is underutilizing a really good talent like Lucky Cannon. Lucky got some momentum going near the end but Cody got the Falcon Kick and Cross Rhodes in for the kill. This match really should’ve favored Lucky instead of Cody.

Match Rating: 6/10

Final Promo: Hearing from the Rookies

This promo was really good. I’m just gonna give my quick rundown of how well the rookies delivered:

Alex Riley: Glad he got cut off; but nonetheless, his skills are really good.

Kaval: Liked hearing him and his back story but his skills were a little off. Never cut him off though.

Titus O’Neil: He was a monster on the mic. He delivered so well and I was really impressed.

Michael McGullicutty: I swear I thought I heard Mr. Perfect. He sounds just like his father and he was done right at the buzzer. R.I.P. Curt Hennig.

Eli Cottonwood: He sounds like he has an accent and his skills are all right. I fear his ability more though.

Percy Watson: This guy is mean on the mic. He’s so good he has his own swagger. He’s the best on the mic by far. The pop he got is a testament to it.

Lucky Cannon: He really knows how to talk and I really enjoyed hearing him.

Husky Harris: From his 5 seconds on the mic, he was good. It also seems like Cody Rhodes has been teaching his rookie…to be a punk.

Promo Rating: 9.5/10

Overall, this episode was good. The matches were solid but short and the last promo was excellent. Honestly, I can’t determine the ranking of the rookies on the mic because besides Eli Cottonwood, everyone delivered so well, even Husky Harris. If the matches had more back and forth like the O’Neil vs. McGillicutty match and showcased the rookies better, it would be a better show.

Rank, comment, like, all that good stuff.

Overall Ranking: 7.5/10