WWE Money In The Bank: Who Will Grab the Briefcase?

Adam VinganContributor IJune 22, 2010

For the third month in a row, the WWE will unveil a new pay-per-view concept. Money In The Bank, the ladder match that has become a staple of Wrestlemania since its inception in 2005, now gets its own show dedicated to the concept. MITB is less than four weeks away, but we have no information regarding any of the matches. Based on the rumors that have swirled around the IWC, I will do my best to predict who will take part in the MITB matches and who might win.

There have been six MITB matches in WWE history. The number of participants has ranged from six (2005, 2006) to eight (2009) to even 10 (2010). I would venture to guess that the number of participants will return to eight. Having 10 Superstars in the match at Wrestlemania XXVI was overwhelming and took away from the overall match experience. If anything, it will decrease the chances that someone will take a minute to unclip the briefcase (I'm looking at you, Jack Swagger).

Rumor has it that there will be two MITB matches. One will involve a WWE Championship opportunity and the other a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. That means there will be one match per brand. With that in mind, here is what I believe the "lineup" will look like.

Raw Money In The Bank 

Evan Bourne v. John Morrison v. Zack Ryder v. Chris Jericho v. Ted DiBiase v. Yoshi Tatsu v. The Miz v. Mark Henry

This looks like the most logical list. These eight Superstars are either looking for something to do or are fighting amongst each other. Bourne is feuding with Jericho and the Miz might feud with Morrison over the U.S. Title. DiBiase has been floating, while Tatsu, Henry, and Ryder are primarily filler.

The winner here seems pretty obvious. The Miz, Morrison, and Jericho don't need a briefcase to legitimize themselves. Yet, with Jericho's recent funk, if you will, maybe winning MITB would give him reason to go from the "hunted" to the "hunter" once again. The others? Please.

Bourne has been significantly pushed on Raw over the past month and a WWE Championship match would do wonders for him. A Sheamus/Bourne program might not be at the top of most fans' lists, but it would at least give the IWC the "fresh blood" in the main event picture.

Winner: Evan Bourne

Smackdown Money In The Bank

MVP. v.Christian v. Dolph Ziggler v. Luke Gallows v. Drew McIntyre v. Jack Swagger v. Cody Rhodes v. JTG

This match is much less predictable. All eight of these men have a definite chance to win. Let's weed them out, shall we?

JTG is in serious need of a push since the demise of Cryme Tyme. Yet, I can't see him as a credible main eventer if I still can't see him as a credible mid-carder.

Jack Swagger just won MITB three months ago. I can't see him repeating that quickly, if ever.

Cody Rhodes has been a stud since moving over to Smackdown , but he gets more exposure on NXT and with the season still going on, a win would distract him even further.

MVP always seem to be in this match. I still have hope that he can earn and win a championship on his own.

Same as above for Christian.

Shelton Benjamin...oh wait.

That leaves Gallows, McIntyre, and Ziggler.

Gallows is the WWE's "Most Improved Player" for his work with C.M. Punk since last winter. A win would give him something that his mentor has done twice and could lead to a jealousy angle that ultimately breaks up the Straight Edge Society. I feel that it is too soon for that.

McIntyre is already the "Chosen One." While a win would give him more incentive to brag, he isn't over enough to be a main eventer just yet.

We come to Ziggler. He is being pushed so hard right now while in this angle with Vickie Guerrero. The WWE gave him a push last summer, but nothing ever came of it. Now is the time for Ziggler to take the ball, or briefcase, and run with it.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

What are your thoughts?


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