NXT Nexus: Fueled By Cole?

Slam HoustonCorrespondent IJune 22, 2010

One of the best aspects of being part of the WWE Universe is watching all of the IWC pundits grab their crystal balls and attempt to foresee just where wrestling’s most unbelievable stories are heading.

Everyone has heard the announcement that Bret Hart was relieved from his General Manager duties and has been replaced by an anonymous GM that communicates via email. Of course, this leads to widespread speculation as to who this mystery GM is.

The fans have conjured up a list of candidates that range from plausible, such as Triple H, to highly unlikely, like The Rock.  

Then there’s the usual list of suspects: Vickie Guerrero, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman.

Personally, I think the obvious possibility is Michael Cole, not only as the new GM, but also as the ring leader for NXT Nexus.

Michael Cole was the only person able to escape NXT’s first invasion, which became immediately suspicious. He even mentioned this fact during the NXT broadcast on the following night.

Daniel Bryan was then “fired” because he felt remorseful after the attack. Considering the previous encounters between Cole and Bryan, a quick separation of the two was a wise decision for WWE.

Other indications that Michael Cole is befitting the GM position is that the incoming messages are facilitated through him, and also when Mr. McMahon acknowledged there being a valid reason as to why this person would want to remain anonymous.

I’m sure it will be revealed that Cole is GM, the mastermind behind NXT Nexus, and the one responsible for Daniel Bryan’s firing.

Then, once Bryan is reinstated, the WWE will hype an encounter with Bryan, assumedly alongside a group of WWE Superstars, against Cole and his former NXT cohorts.

Despite Daniel Bryan’s actions against John Cena, I’m sure Cena would have no quarrels about teaming with Bryan if it involved a chance for retribution against his more relentless attackers.

The same goes for CM Punk, Sheamus, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Jerry Lawler, and Mr. McMahon We can’t forget that they have been attacked as well.

Considering the influx of superstars, there is hardly enough room to truly give contracts to all of them. Individually, most of the NXT originals are far from intriguing.

I expect to see a WWE vs. NXT elimination match (or matches) in the near future with a “loser leaves” stipulation in place.

Could this be the basis for the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View? After all, it doesn’t necessarily need to involve a title shot, as in the past. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a Ladder Match either.

For this event, “Money in the Bank” could conceivably refer to a spot on the WWE roster.