WWE: June 21st Review of Monday Night Raw

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 22, 2010

Recently, I wrote an article about who I thought could be behind the NXT attack. The man I considered to be behind it was thought to be an outsider by many. That man was Vincent Kennedy McMahon! Here's a section from the article:

Bret Hart was in the ring when Vince decided to make his TV return. Now, read these words, which came straight from the boss’ mouth, carefully:

"There will come a time when you’re going to have to make difficult decisions—sometimes unpopular ones—for the betterment of the show. I hope you can do that. Good luck Bret, you’re going to need it!"

That wasn’t what he said word-for-word, but that’s the bones of it.

Now, Vince is involved in WWE’s major storylines more often than not—his feud with DX, Flair’s WWE retirement, countless Stone Cold feuds, etc.

So, why wouldn’t he get involved in this one? Maybe Vince is tired of the way things are being run. Maybe he is trying to get rid of Bret Hart.

He’s done similar stuff in the past—introducing the nWo to WWE ring any bells?

Although it may seem unlikely, I believe that VKM is a probable accomplice, if nothing more.

Now, I don't want to blow my own trumpet (having posted this, I've done it anyway!).

I'm either an insider with the WWE, a lucky S.O.B., or I did my homework! I prefer the last option—because that's what I did!

Sorry for boasting, but I simply had to! Now, here's what you all came to see: the review.


Vince McMahon/John Cena/Sheamus Promo

When Vince opens a show, you know it's going to be something special.

Is it just me, or has he started to dye his hair again? It was a lot more grey a few weeks ago!

This was a great segment though; everybody's mic skills were great.

I actually believed Sheamus for a second—which is a testament to his abilities.

WWE need to find a permanent general manager for RAW—continuity is the key to success. Sir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United, for example.

Anyway, the sooner WWE find a proper GM who knows his or her stuff, the better.



Evan Bourne vs Chris Jericho

This was a solid TV match from these two. The stakes were high for Jericho—by his own admission—but he came through and saved his career.

The match featured some great moves, counters, and finishers. My only concern is that Bourne is being pushed too quickly.

WWE realize that they have to push smaller stars as the next wave of breakout stars will be smaller than normal (Danielson, Kaval, Bourne, etc.)

However, Bourne is now being pushed down our throats.

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing him wrestle Jericho and top stars, but it's the way he kicks out of everything that annoys me.

The whole: ''I may be small, but my heart is huge'' thing is a really bad way to push somebody. Mysterio has become stale because of it and is past his "sell by" date.

Are we really to believe that Cena couldn't kick out of the Codebreaker but Bourne can?

I don't think so.



Tamina vs Natalya

Oh, my God, etch this day in history! A divas match on RAW where the divas actually have a wrestling background!

This was a match I was really looking forward to, a match that could have restored some credibility to the Divas Division. ''But, alas, t'was not to be.''

WWE went and ruined it by having the NXT interfere.



The NXT Rookies/The Nexus Promos

Average mic skills were on display here. Wade Barrett and David Otunga have the best mic skills, with Heath Slater and Skip Sheffield trailing behind them.

The rest are pretty average. Justin Gabriel could be okay, but his accent might hamper him.



John Morrison vs Zack Ryder

Firstly, no offense to Ryder, but Morrison is way above his league.

Morrison should be in the US title hunt, AT THE VERY LEAST.

Now, it was an okay match. There were some nice moves, but it isn't a match that I would go out of my way to see if I hadn't already.



Alicia Fox & Primo vs The Great Khali & Eve Torres

It's a sad state of affairs when today's generation of WWE divas are the most interesting participants in a mixed match (from a wrestling stand-point).

A poor match. Don't watch it if you haven't already seen it.



Randy Orton's Promo

Okay, this made absolutely no sense to me.

Orton swears vengeance on the NXT, then The Miz apparently starts a feud with him and then we learn that his feud with Edge isn't over yet.

So, Orton is feuding with nine different people? Unless WWE explains to us that Edge asked Miz to provide a distraction?

But other than that, it was simply confusing.



Sheamus (C) vs John Cena for the WWE Title

Okay, Vince is the referee but remains outside the ring? Figure that one out.

Then, Cole names the referee—isn't that against company policy?

The match itself was a great TV main event. The momentum swapped back and forth like crazy.

The children were cheering for Cena, and everybody older than 16 was saying he sucks.

The finish was predictable, really. A nice, but predictable (see opening paragraph) twist when Vince was unveiled as the mastermind—which we now know that he was involved with, to get rid of Bret.



The Nexus attack Vince McMahon

First of all, huge props to Vince for taking those bumps!

Sheffield's clothesline nearly knocked his head off and he looked like a pancake after Gabriel's 450 splash.

This angle has breathed new life into the storyline as the Nexus have now undermined every level of authority in WWE. It was a nice way to end the show.



Final Thoughts:

Another mixed bag from RAW tonight.

The show's alpha and omega were great, but what was in between left a lot to be desired.

Bourne vs Jericho was great too.

RAW lacked common sense again tonight. No explanation was given for The Miz's sudden involvement with Orton, and Vince was the guest referee who didn't even step foot in the ring during the match.

We also have a new GM, who more than likely hasn't been decided upon yet. Personally, I would like to see WWE continue to have him communicate through Cole.

Then, after a heel turn with some unfair decision making, the new GM would unveil himself.

Final Rating: 3.4/5

By the way, my apologies for the lack of reviews last week, but I had trouble logging into my account and a glitch was preventing me from writing.

Please do sign my petition to allow JR to announce Raw's 900th episode and my thanks to everybody who is helping me promote it and my thanks to those who have signed it.



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