NBA: David Stern's National Basketball Entertainment Empire (Part Two Of Four)

Tony WichowskiCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

“There has to be a way to make it illegal to defensively lock down a superstar.” David Stern said. “…a way in which it would not be so obvious. You know that first draft lottery we fixed with Patrick Ewing is on the Internet now! We can't be so sloppy this time!”

Tim Donaghy nodded, having a suggestion. “Mr. Stern, there is a way to do it. What do all of our most marketable players have in common, that one thing that makes them huge revenue generators for our league?”

Stern responded. “That’s easy Tim. Besides Reggie Miller, some big-men and a few others, they all have a quick first step and can beat their defender off the dribble…”

“That is unless there is hand-checking by a defender.” Donaghy interjected. “If you make it illegal to touch an offensive player on the perimeter, players like Dwyane Wade and Paul Peirce will be leading their teams to NBA titles, and after a year or two in place, a jump shooting team like the Pistons will never make it past the conference finals again, no matter what kind of defense they play! With this rule, even lock down defenders like Tayshaun Prince will be powerless against a dribble-driving superstar.You can say your doing it to increase scoring, and that will happen too!”

Stern belted out a maniacal laugh. He knew Donaghy’s motive for not wanting to see the Pistons repeat. “I know you hate Rasheed Wallace as much as I do. I remember when he chased you out of the arena for fixing a game. We punished him good and put him in his place, but he still will not keep his mouth shut. I hate that weird bald spot on his head too! Everything about him annoys me!”

Again Donaghy, nodded. He proceeded to explain his full plan. “We can create a technical foul cap to keep Sheed in check. We can also increase the fine if you question the integrity of a referee. Besides, with these new rules, skilled big men won’t matter as much. Heck, if those boring Spurs win another title at least it will be because of a guard who can penetrate, and not that plodding Tim Duncan.”

“True,” Stern said with a smirk. “but I do have another concern. It’s the Euro… ”

Just then, Stern’s cell-phone rang. It was the one man they hated more than Rasheed Wallace and Ron Artest. “Damn, it’s Cuban!” he said.

Donaghy shook his head in disgust, as reluctantly, Stern answered, “Hello, Mark.”




Tony Wichowski is a writer for The Bleacher Report and the Host of "That's Real Sports Talk" on the Godly Network.