NBA Rumors: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat?

Danny DolphinAnalyst IJune 22, 2010

BEIJING - AUGUST 24: Kobe Bryant #10 of the United States celebrate a play with teammates Chris Paul #13, Dwyane Wade #9 and Chris Bosh #12 in the gold medal game against Spain during Day 16 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium on August 24, 2008 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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Is the Dream Team moving to Miami?

ESPN’s Chad Ford just wrote a very intriguing NBA insider article on the specifics of a LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade Miami mutation that would run through the league like Christiano Ronaldo runs through women.

I’m essentially going to summarize his key points and give my take because not everyone has access to the article.

Plan A: “The Heat could engage in a sign-and-trade for LeBron James or Chris Bosh, most likely Bosh," Ford says. “Sign-and-trades are notoriously difficult to pull off. But they aren’t impossible."

The theory is that packaging Beasley, Cook, and a Heat first rounder (say Toronto’s first round pick) in a sign and trade for Bosh would clear the books on everyone but Mario Chalmers (due about $800,000).

The Heat could then sign Wade, Bosh, and James if each took a small pay cut to $15.5 million (instead of the max at $16.5), and surround them with rookies (the Heat own four draft picks) and veterans willing to sign for the minimum to win some rings.

MIA Sports Guy : This scenario only works if Toronto is willing to take back Beasley. His value and reputation is in the cellar right now. I think this is highly unlikely because I’d conservatively say that three out of four teams wouldn’t take Beasley if he landed on their door step. Toronto will likely want to clean house when Bosh leaves, not rebuild around ”The Headache."

Plan B: “Another way for the Heat to make the acquisition of James and Bosh more plausible—without the help of the Raptors—would be to clear more cap space," says Ford. “For instance, they could trade Beasley and Cook to teams that have enough cap space to take on their contracts.”

MIA Sports Guy: A m ore plausible scenario because all it takes is one person to be a Michael Beasley fan. Fixing the Michael Beasley experiment gone wrong could be advantageous. It’s not like the kid doesn’t have talent and he’s still very young.

Plan C: ”The last scenario might be the most far fetched because it would require three superstars to take a sizable pay cut," says Ford. “In this scenario, each player would take considerably less than market value in an attempt to leave the Heat enough wiggle room to retain Beasley and/or sign or trade for other supporting free agents in the summer.

MIA Sports Guy: This would be ideal for the Heat because it gives them a tremendous amount of flexibility. But who in their right mind would turn down massive chunks of money (think $30 million) in the prime of their career. No chance. Only in our dreams.

Ford: “So the question really is: Do Wade, LeBron and Bosh want to play together, and, if so, how much?”

There’s a reason three NBA superstars, all in their prime, have never teamed up before on the cheap. Ego. Pierce, Garnett, and Allen worked because they were all older and much hungrier for a title. Their years were waning and it was the only way they’d have a shot. They still were making absurd amounts of money and did take pay cuts; if you remember it was all trades.

These guys on the contrary all want to be the man. They want to make the most money, get the most attention, and have the ball in their hands with the clock running out.

If not for ego, why did Kobe and Shaq ever split up? They would have ran out of ring fingers had they stayed united. Every one of these guys wants to be the Michael Jordan of this era.

Does that mean two of them won’t team up? Not at all. I think two can work, for a little while anyway. It takes a certain mental makeup for one superstar to take a backseat to another. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan was an abomination. Pip was the perfect compliment to Jordan in every way.

LeBron and Wade are absolutely alpha males and I don’t think the two can coexist successfully, at least at this point in their careers anyway. I’d be thrilled if they proved me wrong. With Bosh, it’s yet to be seen.

If he teams up with LeBron or Wade, he will, no matter what he says, take a backseat. If he goes to Chicago, the most likely destination in my mind, then you know it’s for the purpose of being in the driver’s seat.

He could even jump to L.A. in the place of Bynum, in a sign and trade, and along with Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and Artest, shred up the league for the next three years.

They all say they’d love to play together, but that’s what the Olympics are for. Let’s see these guys man up their claims that its 'not all about the money.'

The real question in Miami is if Wade plays the role of Jordan who will be his Pippen?