Raw 6/21/10 Blog: Nexus Beat's Down Vince, Jericho Gone? and More

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2010

As PETA joins the millions of fan's that want Daniel Bryan back, but the WWE move's on with the shock wave that has hit the WWE that is the NXT7.

Fatal-4-Way saw new champions crowned and the NX7 help Sheamus win the WWE Championship.

Monday Night Raw: 6/21/10


8:01-Vinny Mac getting a nice little pop tonight. Let's see what he has to say.

8:02-Fun Fact-Vince McMahon is of Irish Heritage, so I'm guessing he like's the fact Sheamus is the WWE Champion.

8:05-Vinny gets to tell Bret Hart is fired again, well that was a short stint as GM. Don't bring back Vickie Guerrero.

8:06-WOW an anonymous GM. NXT7 contracts.

8:07-At least the Irish have something to cheer about during the World Cup.

8:09-WHAT? Sheamus giving up his title, scratch that.

8:14-Oh great, a rematch Cena vs Sheamus.

8:15-Why do I feel like Michael Cole is the new GM or it's the leader of the NXT7. Why does Sheamus look like a Dragon Ball Z Character.

8:21-Evan Bourne is a star in the process, especially with the feud with Chris Jericho.

8:24-Well Jerchio might be gone.

8:29-If Jericho loses, I hope he would come back as a face, hopefully.

8:31-Bourne can beat Jericho three times in a week and end his career, that might be the greatest week of his career.

8:32-Just realized there is no guest host this week, was kind of getting used to it.

8:33-AIR BOURNE.....NOT......1,2 and 3 Jericho wins, doesn't leave and the crowd gives him a nice pop.

8:34-Vintage Jericho!

8:41-I wonder what the GM is going to show up.

8:42-Virgil talks and now he walks, Maryse looking good.

8:45-The WWE has upgraded their limo's. GM Maybe. Nice Big Show commercial.

8:49-Natalya is a diva I've been waiting to see on Raw in a match.

8:50-Tamia is a good opponent for Natalya.

8:51-So much for that match, NXT7 attack again.

8:57-They are bipolar (NXT7), their not sorry and then their sorry make up your mind.

8:58-The black John Cena, that was random.

9:00-Yup Yup Yup, What it do? or it really does nothing.

Hour One-Typically hour one with NO GM this week.

9:02-A "Nexus" the group name and nice song to go with it.

9:09-Morrison and the tall version of John Morrison.

9:10-Hello Clothing Malfunction, I mean Maryse.

9:14-This is only happening to promote NXT tomorrow night at 10EST on SyFy, only on your public channels. (That was my DX Shawn Michael's impression).

9:16-Morrison gets the win, wow what a surprise.

9:17-Eli cottonwood on the top rope, typical Cena promo. Vinny Mac has something up his sleeve I think.

9:22-Mixed tag match, Khali and Eve vs Alicia Fox the New Diva's Champion (Who Care's?) and Primo?

9:23-This is going to be a Match of the Year candidate.......NOT!

9:27-Why is Primo making this match longer. Match Over Thank God.

9:28-The Viper Randy Orton Finally Talks.

9:32-I Hear Voice's In My Head, They Talk To Me They Understand. Love Rev Theory.

9:34-Orton want's a piece of NXT7 and Barrett.

9:36-The Miz vs Randy Orton is a match-up I want to see.

9:37-RKO.....NO........SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR. The real fun begins?

9:42-NO Chance In Hell, Cena is walking away with the Championship. Vince running to ring at nearly 65 years old.

9:44-Who is in that limo is what I want to know.

9:45-Memo to John Cena, this isn't a boxing match.

9:46-Super Cena vs "The Human Jar of Mayonnaise" Sheamus for the WWE Championship.

9:48-Thanks for giving it away Michael Cole, now I think it's Triple H in the limo or coming back next week. Cole ruined it for all of us.

9:49-Strong Let's Go Cena vs Cena Suck's Promo, are you listening Vince they want Cena as a heel.

9:56-Both hitting their spots so far in the main event match, but just feels a little boring to me. Kind of hoping for Nexus is coming out.

9:57-Five Knuckle Shuffle and then the Irish Curse.

9:59-Fun Fact-When Cena wins his next WWE Championship, it will be tied with eight tied with Triple H.

10:02-Here comes NXT and here they go again, but will we find out who's in the limo.

10:03-Nexus Strike's Again.

10:04-Are they about to attack Vince McMahon, nah would they?

10:05-Vince better run, he didn't run and now its pounding time on Vince.

10:07-Let the beat down on the Chairman of the Board begin. WOW, what a close-line by Skip, toss by Barrett and 450 splash by Gabriel.

10:08-Who's in the damn limo?

The big question is what was the Gm going to reveal and who is in that limo?

What are your thoughts on the show?

Who do you think is in the limo?

What is Vince going to do next Monday?

Will Triple H come back next week? 


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