WWE Divas Mid-Year Report

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 21, 2010

Hello all!

We're in the middle of 2010, and it is time to take a look at the Divas roster.

I'll examine each show and its utilization (or under-utilization) of the Divas and whether they're on the path to having a successful year or if the path ends in a drop-off to nothingness.


The Divas of Monday Night RAW are seeing a changing of the guard after last night's Fatal Four Way PPV match in which Alicia Fox defeated Eve, Maryse and Gail Kim to win her first Divas Championship.

The match itself wasn't bad. 

It was put in a nice spot on the PPV and allowed each girl to show off a bit.

I'm personally disappointed that the WWE hasn't let the Gail Kim championship run happen yet, but I'm extremely glad Eve isn't champion anymore.

Although Eve as champion allowed Maryse more TV time, her run was stale and uninteresting.

Now hopefully Alicia and Gail will feud as the two of them do really good work together.

With the addition of Tamina, Natalya has finally been given a reason to wrestle for a change, and that's a great thing.

She even got the pin in the Hart Dynasty's match against the Usos last night.

Though it'd be nice to see her in title contention, it doesn't seem that the Divas title is the right fit for her, and she's doing much better as the Hart Dynasty's manager.

It seems to me that the RAW roster isn't quite up to par and hasn't been for some time, and that's because of one missing Diva: Melina.

Melina's presence is needed and desired, as she seems to be the Diva fans connect with and always puts tons of fire and excitement in her matches.

It also seems that when she was knocked out with her injury, the RAW writers threw their hands in the air and gave up.

The title was put on Maryse, and frankly, it should have stayed there.

Thankfully, Melina is due to return from injury within a few weeks, and will hopefully get the title back, because she's really the only top face on the show.

I'd also like to see it happen as a catalyst for a Gail Kim heel turn because I think these two can be electric together.

Unfortunately for these RAW girls, there's a few too many storylines with the male superstars going on for the Divas to become an interesting or integral part of the show.

They have a tendency to fall by the wayside, and short matches don't help.

I think Alicia Fox as champion can be just the punch the RAW Divas need until Melina returns and knocks it out the park.


Smackdown, when it comes to the Divas, seems to be the "A" show.

Seemingly run by Team Laycool (WWE Womens Champion Layla and Michelle McCool), this show has had decent storylines that have allowed time for character growth and opportunities for all the Divas to shine.

Team LayCool has a solid personality, and the fact that they consider themselves co-Womens Champions is amusing.

But that also sets up an opportunity for a big story if seeds of doubt and jealousy are planted to break them up.

Although many consider them to be nothing but "Beautiful People" knockoffs, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it's not that big of a deal.

Kelly Kelly seems to be doing well in her role as the current top face, and is really making steps to grow.

Tiffany also seems to be making steps to improve too.

Unfortunately, that is the problem.

Like RAW, Smackdown is also missing a key Diva asset: Beth Phoenix.

She also unfortunately was injured just after a big run in capturing the title, and a full face turn, eerily similar to when Melina was first injured two years ago.

The title was thrown back to LayCool, and they gave Layla her first championship.

Though the numbers are nearly even, the wrestling ability is not.

Right now, Kelly Kelly is fine, but I'm not really behind her ability to have a successful match that lasts longer than three minutes, let alone have a sustainable championship run.

Layla may not be doing much at this point, but her being champion has given LayCool a story, so it has a point.

Something else that hurt the show was the firing of Mickie James.

I know it was a while ago, but not having her on the show has hurt Smackdown as an extra face, especially in terms of establishing Kelly Kelly and Tiffany as fellow faces and in helping them on the show.

Beth is a powerhouse all on her own, and doesn't need help either way.

Mickie had the ability to help other Divas without copying Beth's penchant for making them look completely weak.

The Smackdown Divas do have it better in terms of the show not being too heavy in storyline that their own feuds can stand out and get some time.

The return will really give a new boost to the roster and its importance on the show. But I think something else is going to have to happen in the meantime, like a LayCool blowup possibly fueled by a Kelly Kelly title win, not so much in the sense of her being a longterm champion, but just so LayCool have something to fight one another about.

While both rosters have been hurt by injuries to their top two stars, each show is doing its best to make the matches interesting and give the Divas opportunities to build them up as stars which, at this point, is all one can ask for.


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