Why They Hate the SEC: The First Reason

Drew EmersonCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

I have always said that I would not get into the argument about whether or not the SEC is better than the other conferences.  I do this for the same reason I would not argue against the existence of Newton, apples, and gravity.  Gravity existed and was a force to be reckoned with long before it was given a title.

However, I would like to educate my fellow SEC fans so that they might truly understand why "they"—those who place their faith in the other conferences, like tuberculosis sufferers would in magic cures back in the 1800s—hate everything about us. 

The first reason why they hate us is that we refer to our teams, and the teams' students, their student fans, their non-student fans, and their never-graduated-high-school fans, as "we."

It is a common misconception in the other conferences that in order to be a true part of "we," you must, in fact, have done something to become a member of the group you intend to include yourself in. 

This misconception has led those other conferences' fans to think that our fans are a large group of tobacco-chewing, beer-drinking rednecks who never actually attended the schools we are cheering for.  Therefore, we should not count ourselves as members.

Those who would say that would largely be correct.  We probably should not consider ourselves members of "we," but we do anyway, and it is common practice amongst the fans of the SEC. 

As fine ladies and gentlemen of the South, we know that you do not have to have gone to the school you are a fan of.  In fact, it is not even required that you have ever seen the campus/team in person. 

The only thing required to be a member of "we" in the South is to pledge your undying allegiance to whichever school you place your spirit with.

For this reason, the other conferences' fans reject us, despise our attitudes, and will never understand that it only takes a little bit of love to be a fan in the SEC.  It's also good if you chew tobacco, drink beer, and you happen to be a redneck.

Assuming this article gets some good responses, I will continue through the five reasons "why they hate us" early next week...

Tell me what you think...Drew (WDE)