Fatal 4 Way: WWE Championship Match Ends With Confusion and Upset

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJune 20, 2010

Many of you already know the results of the PPV as earlier reported by other fellow Bleacher Reporters on the site. Yet what I have to unveil isn't mainly giving out results but the momentum following the WWE Championship Match which in fact was the main event and was my and many other fans most anticipated match to see because of the following contenders in the match: John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, and Sheamus. 3 of the 4 are fan favourites and Sheamus is starting to grow on me. These contenders had the skills to pull off an amazing match and they did early on that is until the well you guessed it NXT got involved.

We all knew it was coming, and we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I actually like the NXT angle, I loved when they destroyed the ring two weeks ago, I loved how they dared took on the RAW roster and I loved the fact they put Bret Hart's health to the limit when they repeatedly slammed a limo into multiple cars with him in it. But I did not, I repeat DID NOT love, like enjoy or appreciate what they did near the end of the WWE Championship Match. So here we are: John, Randy, Edge, and Sheamus are having a great match, with a lot of sweet counters, 2 counts and keeping the fans into it. Everyone in the arena and at home had their favourite in the match and wanted their guy to win the gold. And if your #1 guy doesn't win it then your #2 has to win it. That's the brilliance of Fatal Four Ways and that's why I love these kinds of matches especially when a major title is involved. But here we are and as the match continues the less and less I want NXT to appear. This match has me at the edge of my seat and even though I knew it would come down to Cena and Sheamus I loved the way how Randy was almost a millisecond away from winning the title. So when we get backstage and see R-Truth, Evan Bourne the Hart Dynasty I knew it from the start they weren't they're just to spectate that they were gonna be victims of a serious beat down. Moments later NXT comes destroys everything and take down the superstars backstage, and destroy the t.v. (that was such a nice t.v., why'd they have to destroy that, I would've loved it). Moments later Cena's in the ring all by his lone self but ready to deal with what he has to deal with. NXT comes out still wrecking things and going on a rampage, gets in the ring and attack Cena, Cena fights back but just like a repeat of 2 weeks ago he gets battered. Edge tries to help by pulling at their legs from outside the ring only to get beaten down, and Sheamus sneaks up behind them and pins Cena for the title quickly retreats through the crowd though (this was my lol moment). Cena gets beaten down like 2 weeks before and we see Sheamus on the ramp holding the WWE title up in the air in triumph until the NXTers start chasing him backstage. Orton, Edge, and Cena are left all beaten and tired. As the program goes off you hear the crowd chant loudly "We Want Bryan!"

To me the match itself was very promising but kind of a  letdown in the first place but I really was looking forward to the WWE Championship match. It looked promising and I loved every moment of it, on BMX-tv.net the chat box was full with comments of people supporting their favourite, shooting down the others and how the match was great. When NXT got involved we all knew it was going to happen but to ruin such a good match taking place it kinda ticked the fans off. But hey that was the point kayfabe wise. It's just that when NXT got there there was alot of WTF moments. I mean they practically do the same thing each week destroy ring crew members, superstars and such. But I guess since it was a PPV involved the statement was made to be more serious than ever and that they weren't taking any crap from WWE managment. Think about it, storyline-wise it's one thing to appear on a weekly show when your not even supposed to be there, but at a PPV where the biggest title is on the line that's something serious there. I think it was something to get under our skins. It sure worked, because I'm pissed they ruined a great match that could've gone on for another 25 minutes. Plus I wished Bret Hart was involved in it somehow tonight. But as it was said earlier on before by a lot of you, Fatal 4-Way was a PPV meant to further push storylines, and it certainly did. I'm not really mad at WWE themselves but at the fact that a match involving the WWE Championship and a really good match was cut shortin favor for showing us a repeat of acts NXT has repeatedly done already. Hoping they could've done something else, like after the match was over, then go on your rage of rampage, you know?

What are your thoughts on the PPV? If you watched it, caught it online whatever. I would like to hear from some other points of view as well.