Mysterio New World Champion! Plus, Who Killed The Undertaker?

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJune 20, 2010

In a stunning move by the WWE, Rey Mysterio has won the Championship belt by pinning Jack Swagger with the 619/Splash combination. It was also revealed that Punk and the SES were responsible for the vegetative state the Undertaker was found in.

So where do we go from here? 

Mysterio has been needing surgery for quite some time, so putting the belt on him makes no sense. It could be an other wave of the Big Show/Mysterio feud that has happened a couple of times already. But that would change Show to a heel so maybe Ziggler is a new contender?

A Guerrero-Ziggler/Mysterio feud? It could be interesting but probably Swagger wins the strap back in a hard core match (extreme rules is for little kids, hard core means I just f&*$#d you up, without lube, and now you need surgery).

Is that what it takes to make Swagger look like a threat? I do not know, WWE booking seems like it is decided by a game of darts.  

In an actually smart yet predictable move, the SES has been found guilty of killing the Undertaker (thank god it wasn't Kane). This should make an interesting feud, maybe Kane will bring out the mask to punish Punk? 

So what do you think will happen with these two feuds? 



Apparently the situation with NXT is not going away. They beat up the Hart Dynasty backstage and beat the hell out of everyone in the ring. Then they focused on Cena till Edge tried to fight them off but was taken out as well. Then Sheamus used the NXT distraction to score a pinfall and Cena.

Sheamus is the new WWE champion but NXT gang(or the Network or Nexus) is not just a heel group, they are shades of grey. 

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