Vengeance Adds Fuel To the Fire: Prepare For Red, White and Bruised

Brandon HamblenAnalyst IJune 20, 2010

Milton, Florida --

With everyone’s mind on Red, White, and Bruised, July 3rd , in Pensacola, Ultimate Wrestling had plenty of business to take care of at Vengeance, and Vengeance added quite a bit of fuel to some of Ultimate Wrestling’s hottest feuds.

With everyone's mind on Red, White and Bruised, July 3rd Pensacola, Vengeance had to be special and succeeded in adding fuel to some of Ultimate Wrestling's hottest feuds.

It was also good to hear a loop-hole was found allowing management to suspend Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Deathrow for the show despite his Royal Four guaranteed contract.

The first match of the evening featured an old and a budding rivalry, a three way dance between Black Wolf, Story of the Year Brian Caige, and Amish Tim Haynie, formerly known as Amish Assassin, with Danny Wright officiating.

Before the match, Caige grabbed the microphone and rattled on about how he humiliated Amish Assassin at Out-Of-Control two weeks ago. Caige went on to insult Haynie’s name and image. Caige then did the unthinkable; he offered a congratulatory handshake to Black Wolf and even admitted defeat at Milestone III, but quickly reminded Black Wolf that he would never lose again.

When the match got under way, all three combatants took turns with momentum. Pin falls and submissions were broken up by the third participant. The match came to an abrupt end. With Black Wolf and Brian Caige battling in the opposite corner, Amish Tim Haynie called for the corner splash on both of his opponents.

At the very last moment, Caige saw Amish coming and ducked out of the way leaving Black Wolf to absorb the full blow. With Black Wolf incapacitated, the Story of the Year rolled up Amish with a hand full of tights and got the one, two, three victory.

Following the match, Caige grabbed Excalibur, yes, he named his kendo stick Excalibur, and delivered several shots to both Amish Tim Haynie and Black Wolf. Because he loves the sound of his own voice, Story of the Year Brian Caige once again grabbed a microphone after he finished his assault.

In his usual self-aggrandizing speech, Caige managed to accept the Loser Gets Caned match at Red, White, and Bruised, but added a stipulation. If Amish Tim Haynie wins, he gets to cane Brian Caige; however, if the Story of the Year wins, Amish Tim Haynie’s career is over. It will be a caning vs. career match on July 3rd in Pensacola, Florida at Red, White, and Bruised.

Story of the Year Brian Caige wins by pinning Amish Tim Haynie at 6:44.

Before the second match began, Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner came out to announce that he had a new partner, and if either he or his new partner could pick up a win at Vengeance, they would receive a title shot at Red, White, and Bruised. Reiner was less than enthusiastic about his new partner saying that he was the only one willing to team with Mr. Electricity. Reiner’s new partner is none other than the Got Milk Guy, Lenny Scootermeyer.

Jerry was trying to encourage Scootermeyer when the music of Lenny’s opponent hit. Mr. Electricity threw his hands up in disbelief as did the stunned crowd when the Ultimate Legend Bobby Doll emerged from behind the curtain.

Doll was enlightening the crowd on his intentions upon returning to Ultimate Wrestling when Uncle Jim came out from back stage. Uncle Jim apologized for missing his cue when Bobby Doll informed Uncle Jim that his services were never needed and no longer wanted.

There isn’t much to say about the match between the Ultimate Legend Bobby Doll and relative new-comer Lenny Scootermeyer. Doll took advantage of Lenny’s inexperience right from the start by offering up a handshake only to land a vicious cutter right off the bat.

Doll dominated much of the match although the Got Milk Guy was able to land an impressive springboard arm drag. Unfortunately, Bobby Doll beat Scootermeyer to the punch and landed a clothesline before Lenny could follow up. After a reversed Irish whip, the Ultimate Legend hit Scootermeyer with a lariat and scored a pin fall victory.

The Ultimate Legend Bobby Doll defeated Lenny Scootermeyer by pin fall at 5:26.

Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner’s match was next, and his opponent for Vengeance was his opponent at Out-Of-Control, one half of the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Mr. USA TA Jones. Before the bout began, Mr. Electricity again addressed the crowd, apologizing to TA for his actions at Out Of Control and in advance for his actions at Vengeance.

I will not be the holier-than-thou reporter and condemn Mr. Electricity for his actions. In fact, I support his decision to get the win by any means necessary. No matter what profession a person is in, slumps happen, and people do what they can to get out of them. As a writer, I use a thesaurus and dictionary when I can’t find the right word. I might even look at someone else’s article if I get stuck.

In other words, Mr. Electricity’s back was against the wall as Mr. USA had the BBL clutch locked in. Reiner, perhaps by survival instinct, grabbed referee Danny Wright to distract him while he delivered several low blows to Mr. USA until the hold was released. Mr. Electricity hit a super kick right on TA’s nose which put TA on his knees. Reiner then landed his shining wizard and covered TA with a lateral press for the pin fall victory.

With the win, Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner and his new partner Lenny Scootermeyer get a shot at the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Championship at Red, White, and Bruised on July 3rd in Pensacola against the current champions, the First Sons of Ultimate, Mr. USA TA Jones and Pure Doug Pitt.

Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner scored a pin fall victory over Mr. USA TA Jones at 6:16.

Vengeance’s only championship match pitted Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion the Evolution Robyn Golphin against the number one contender, Bruiserweight Maze. After referee Justin Sync checked out Maze for foreign objects, the Bruiserweight quickly jumped outside the ring and hid his infamous kneepad under the ring while Sync was checking the Evolution for foreign objects.

Maze was unable to put the Evolution away despite controlling much of the match, so Maze gave Golphin a hot shot across the top rope. With referee Justin Sync tending to Robyn Golphin, the Bruiserweight retrieved his loaded knee pad from outside the ring.

At this time, Maze’s arch enemy Party Gras Justin Stone emerged from back stage and tried to get Sync to check Maze’s knee pad again. Of course, Maze told Stone to mind his own business, and while the Bruiserweight was focused on Party Gras, the Evolution delivered his patented De-Evolution. Golphin covered Maze for the one, two, three victory.

Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion the Evolution Robyn Golphin defeated Bruiserweight Maze by pin fall at 8:35.

The Feature Carlos D’Angelo has a shot at the Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Championship at Red, White, and Bruised, but at Vengeance he had to deal with Party Gras Justin Stone, who also has a huge match with Bruiserweight Maze at Red, White, and Bruised. Not looking past each other, the two commenced hammering away, but eventually gave way to a much more scientific approach. Both excellent grapplers, the two went from exchanging blows to trading counter holds.

The match ended when Bruiserweight Maze ran into the ring to attack Party Gras Justin Stone with the loaded knee pad. Ironically, Maze dropped the knee pad and it was picked up and put on by the Feature. After getting Maze’s attention, Carlos delivered a Dos of Los with the loaded knee pad leaving Maze out on his feet. Party Gras took advantage, lifted the dazed Maze up, and delivered the Party Valley Driver leaving Maze out cold in the middle of the ring.

The match was declared a no contest due to interference by Bruiserweight Maze at 3:01.

Before the final intermission, Ring announcer Curt Diamond explained the rules to Vengeance’s main event which was a unique six man tag. Each team will start with one competitor. Every two minutes, another wrestler will enter the match. The match will be Tornado style until all six combatants are in the ring, at this point the bout will become a tag match with one legal man from each side. Pin falls and submissions do not count until all six competitors are in the ring. After all six are in the ring, the first pin fall or submission wins the match.

The team captains, Brutal Joe Gibson and Master of Devastation Cameron Frost made their way to the ring to announce their teams and for the coin toss to decide which team would get the first man advantage. Brutal Joe picked Mr. Marcus Gibbs and Jet Angel while the Master of Devastation picked Johnny Rebel and Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill.

After some shenanigans by Brutal Joe including switching his call of heads to tails and the absolute worst coin flip in the history of flipping coins, ring announcer Curt Diamond literally missed the ring by twenty feet with his flip, Brutal Joe’s team won the toss.

Vengeance’s main event plays right into three of the major feuds to be settled at Red, White, and Bruised. Brutal Joe will be challenged by Johnny Rebel for the X-Factor Championship. The Master of Devastation Cameron Frost will wrestle Mr. Marcus Gibbs in an American Strong Style match. Jet Angel and Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill will challenge Cruiserweight Champion Robyn Golphin in a rematch from their triple threat match at Out-Of-Control. I don’t know if this had any factor in either captain’s choice, but it’s hard to imagine that these personal battles didn’t have an influence on the two captains.

The match started with Brutal Joe Gibson facing off against the Master of Devastation Cameron Frost. The Master of Devastation had the early advantage, but Brutal Joe’s team had the next wrestler.

Mr. Marcus Gibbs was the third competitor, and with the numbers game in their favor, Brutal Joe and Mr. Marcus pounded Frost for the whole two minutes.

Johnny Rebel evened up the odds as he was the fourth competitor in the engagement. The battle was fairly even for this two minute segment with Frost warring with Gibbs on the outside of the ring and Brutal Joe and Rebel fighting on the inside.

Jet Angel once again gave Brutal Joe’s team the numerical advantage, but it took some time before the numbers game caught up with Frost and Rebel as Johnny Reb held off both Jet Angel and Marcus Gibbs for a short time. Eventually, the numbers game would catch up and Brutal Joe’s team would once again control the contest.

The sixth and final contestant was Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill who arrived at the ring apron facing all three of Brutal Joe’s team. If he can’t go through them, Soulja has no problem going over them as he leaped to the top rope and spring boarded over their heads.

Having recovered from the beating, Cameron Frost and Johnny Rebel made it to their feet and with Tommy Hill literally going over the opponents, the trio of Frost, Rebel and Soulja began to beat down their opponents. However, this turned into a three on one outside of the ring with Team Brutal Joe wailing away on a helpless Johnny Rebel. A suicide dive by Cameron Frost took out Joe Gibson, and a highlight reel plancha by Suicydal Soulja took out Gibbs and Jet Angel.

Referee Justin Sync separated the two teams and got things set for the tag team portion of the match. All six competitors took turns beating and being beaten. The end came when Master of Devastation dragged Jet Angel into his team’s corner and tagged in Suicydal Soulja. Frost then took out Brutal Joe and Mr. Marcus while Soulja made his way to the top rope. Suicydal Soulja appeared to be going for a moonsault, but instead he did a reverse corkscrew 450 splash. Soulja easily got the pin fall win for Team Frost.

Following the match, Jet Angel, Mr. Marcus Gibbs, and Brutal Joe Gibson tried to exact some revenge on the winners of the bout. Unfortunately, instead of working as a team, they tried to attack one at a time, and each of the three were sent packing one at a time.

Team Frost defeated Team Brutal Joe by way of pin fall when Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill pinned Jet Angel at 30:26

Vengeance set up Red, White, and Bruised very well. The matches already signed for Red, White, and Bruised are as follows.

Party Gras Justin Stone vs. Bruiserweight Maze in a no disqualification match

Amish Tim Haynie vs. Story of the Year Brian Caige in a caning vs. career match

Mr. Marcus Gibbs vs. Master of Devastation Cameron Frost in an American strong style match

Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill vs. Jet Angel vs. the Evolution Robyn Golphin *C* for the Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner and Lenny Scootermeyer vs. the First Sons of Ultimate *C*, Mr. USA TA Jones and Pure Doug Pitt for the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Johnny Rebel vs. Brutal Joe Gibson *C* for the Ultimate Wrestling X-Factor Championship

Carlos D’Angelo vs. Deathrow *C* for the Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Red, White, and Bruised, promoted by Ultimate Wrestling takes place on July 3, 2010 at the American Legion Post #33 in Pensacola, Florida. Doors open at 6:00 PM CST and the first bell is at 7:00 PM CST. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 with military ID. Children 6-12 are $5 and children 5 and under are FREE! Bring canned food donations to support Manna Food Pantry of Northwest Florida and receive $2 off an adult ticket. For more information visit



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