Will Fatal Four Way Be Starting Point of Era of Two Mega-stars (Cena&Orton)?

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIJune 19, 2010


Attitude era remains a dear memory of every WWE fan. There were so many good things about the Attitude era that, the staleness of current story lines makes us even more nostalgic. However, I do not wish whole PG vs. Attitude debate. We live in present and have to live with it no matter what we vie for.

As mentioned earlier many things made Attitude Era monumental. Unpredictability, amazing story lines, breathless speed and over the limit action were few of them. Above all, one feature made Attitude Era singular. It was the reign of two megastars, The Rock and Stone Cold. It was never seen before. Every era has had its own ‘face’. There was Hogan and there is Cena. But Attitude Era, even while pronouncing the word images of two legends flash before our eyes. Rock and Stone Cold were superstars in every right. Co-existence of two giant stars boosted ratings and fan base to unprecedented heights. What it did was, two people were generating humongous amount of money. Every new star had an opportunity of aiming at two apexes. Thus, there were unbound possibilities.

Having roamed around enough in past, I feel that today in this PG era WWE has the identical opportunity of creating two monsters, instead of existing one.  Many wishfully find the similes between John Cena and the rock. Many while bashing formers wonder about the similarities between Randy Orton and Stone cold.

Yes, there are distant similarities, but honestly, being compared to attitude era greats is Cena and Ortons’s peril. However, it should not subsidize the fact that Cena and Orton are huge stars themselves. While Cena can be compared to any megastar in the history, Randy Orton has the potential and chance of becoming one of such clan. Dear VKM is smart to realize that if one Cena generates X amount then two Cenas will generate lot more than that.

Therefore, there has been a great face turn of Randy Orton in last few months. He has been getting over with crowd like anything. We have seen Cena and Orton making a tag team, where Cena allows Orton to enjoy the spotlight. We are witnessing Orton’s feud with one of the greatest heels of all time. Every such move and event is converging towards eminent super-stardom of Randy Orton.

Such a dramatic development is certain to take toll on Cena’s current super-stardom. Top is such a place where space is little. One person hardly manages there. So, changes will happen in Cena’s path. According to Barney Stinson, 83.33% adult fans are sick of Cena’s title runs and supermanesque traits. However, the same correspondent tells us that, 83.33% kids love the same thing. I think WWE is going to find a midway, a solution that will keep Cena on top but just like a human. That is the only way that will allow them to put the Viper on top.

As I see it, whole NXT angle is in tune with this grand strategy. Why are rookies targeting Saint Cena? So simple, dude he is the Face of WWE. They are so venomous that they will cost him his championship. Then Cena will battle all of them. He will rechristen few of them for good and ultimately will win the battle. Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. This storyline is edgy and it will give enough limelight to rookies. It will go on for months; in turn, it will keep Cena out of title hunt for a while. For people Cena will still be the top dog without being champion. He will not be battling with top heels either. He will get to acquire new sheds to his character and he will become much more humane. Along with this, there have been attempts to make IWC and Cena naysayer like him. His statement regarding Danielson was one of them. Already there has been a positive stride in Cena’s favor.  Therefore, in my opinion coming months are likely to elevate Cena to even higher podium and are equally likely to push along somebody else equally higher.

That somebody is of course Orton. He is feuding with Edge now and feud is far from over. I see Edge becoming the WWE champion at Fatal Four Way. It gives Orton a little bit of room to recover from his injury and makes their feud of highest magnitude as well. Orton can come on top in the end with WWE title. This theory sends Sheamus back to Ireland. But I guess Orton can feud with Sheamus to solidify own legacy (ironic) while Cena is in the final leg of NXT Storyline. This scenario puts Orton on almost same height as Cena.

My whole analysis or theory whatever we call it is plausible in my opinion. I would like to know what does the IWC thinks. Thanks a lot for reading.