Fatal 4-Way: Pay-Per-View Storytelling

Bryan VelosoContributor IMarch 29, 2017


"We want our answer by Sunday..."

The leader of the newly coined "NXT Seven" left us that statement in the closing seconds of this week's RAW.

"Sunday will be fatal for the guilty party..."

A vengeful Kane informs the four participants in SmackDown's main event at Fatal 4-Way that one of them is already in hell and will enact his vengeance before kneeling to a casket surrounded by his brother's signature bursts of fire.

No new matches were announced on tonight's SmackDown, as everybody knows, this Sunday will feature only five matches. But for the first time in recent years, the memories left from this new pay-per-view won't be from the very "Night of Champions"-esque championship matches. 

For the first time in a while, the powers-that-be will be using one of their Sunday events as a storybuilder.

Will we have some good 20+ minute matches? Most likely. As many on the Report have predicted, less matches mean a bit more depth and detail... hopefully.

Will we have a resolution to the two storylines? Most likely not. The more obvious observation is that of the SmackDown storyline—we're just not at the climax yet, but we're ready for some continuance.

One of two things will happen, either the Undertaker comes back and the culprit is found or enough will be revealed to continue the storyline. The former would be way too soon. So, if anything, one of the four World Heavyweight Championship participants will be getting beaten quite thoroughly. Gut feelings don't point to any of them though, it would just be too easy and equally as uncompelling.

As for the NXT Seven, we're in for a major turn of events. The grads can only beat John Cena down so much and tear apart only so many rings. The fact that the management has neglected to bring the rowdy bunch to SmackDown hasn't left many options by which to expand the angle's reach.

So while the championships may change, the pay-per-view storybuilding will take us into the summer. We must question whether since we're accustomed to paying to see storylines resolved, are we willing to pay just to see them constantly continued?