Phillip Fulmer Responds to Subpoena Issue

lawvol gate21.netSenior Analyst IJuly 24, 2008

Only in the SEC do things like this happen…

One day, Tim Tebow is being described as the second coming of the Messiah (HT to Joel at RTT), and then the next, Phillip Fulmer is getting served with a subpoena in a case filed against the NCAA by Wendell Smith’s ambulance chaser less-than-well-known attorneys.

Undeterred, however, the Great Punkin has fired back. In a statement released this evening, Fulmer responded:

I do have to be a little bit careful — a lot more than I’d like to be.

I was getting out of the car and was tossed a piece of paper that I picked up, stuck it in with a whole bunch of things that I had been reading on my way in from the airport and handed it to Bud Ford to put in his briefcase and forgot about it. I got a bunch of questions (from the media) about a subpoena that I hadn’t seen.

I wasn’t expecting a subpoena but maybe every time I go to Birmingham I probably will be expecting a subpoena. As it turns out, its some sort of subpoena to do something, and I will let the attorneys all handle that. The issue is, it's all crap and they are trying to use the press trying to use a day that’s very special to the Southeastern Conference for players and the coaches.

Because they can’t win legally, they are trying to play the game in the press. I am more than a little PO’d about any part of that. It’s sad that a few publicity hunting lawyers in one of our sister states want to keep open a chapter of history that has long since been closed and as far as I’m concerned will stay closed.

Obviously, this is an effort to distract our football team or distract me in some way. The last time this happened, we won the division with two freshman quarterbacks. We won’t be distracted, I had a good conversation with the commissioner about it.

About being in Birmingham, I wasn’t trying to mislead anybody. I hadn’t looked at anything.

I’m just disappointed that Fulmer failed to mention that his legal team was “workin’ like heck” — that would have been priceless…

More tomorrow, once I have had a chance to think about this a little more.

Oh, and if anyone out there in the blogosphere has a copy of the pleadings in this case (especially the complaint) please email me — I am looking everywhere for a copy.

– Go Figure …



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